Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to December

There are some things in life that may not be love at first sight, but they slowly grow on you. This is how i got to know of this song...


"Hey, how are you doing..."

Another Christmas would mark 3 years to the end of our relationship. From the very beginning of blogging because I want you to know what's going on in my life while I am not suppose to text you, to our break up, and then friends I met here which motivated me to keep writing, and until a time when I felt so drained and pointless to continue because there is nothing more I can write about our relationship or even relationship in general. Or maybe it was meant to be a true end, since this blog carries too much of the memories, even the title was meant to convince myself otherwise.

3 years, that's how fast time flies. We didn't exactly ended in bad terms, but I guess neither would we have been able to say we will be BFF. So every now and then when I thought we would never talk again, the message from you checking how I am doing actually makes me wonder what it was really for.

Though at times I would let my thoughts run wild, but most of the time i simply shut myself out of silly thoughts. 3 years of exploring, doing things I never did before, meeting people, there has been ups and downs, heart breaking moments, and people I may have accidentally hurt, but the outcome is someone who is more careful with handling his feelings. Someone who now knows better to protect himself better... And a Heart that takes more convincing to be touched now..

Really, I keep imagining, if you know me now, I guess you probably wouldn't think you know me...

But hey, I grown up..


When I first heard Taylor Swift's Back to December, the lyrics really caught me. I even feel a little upset because I thought at least Taylor Swift has regretted, swallowed her pride and wanted to go back to December to change what she did, but I would never know if that idea ever crosses you.

Been always wanted to post this song since I heard it, but never really able to get the momentum on again. Afterall, this blog is almost as good as, well, dead. So now, finally a night I feel like writing something.

I am doing fine really, couldn't be better. Hope you are too. =)