Monday, August 30, 2010


This is my beloved company mug...

Wonder what happen?? See if the next pic give u an idea...

I thought the walking onto a glass door kind of scenario only happens in movie, i mean how can there be a glass door so clean or transparent that you would not notice in real life? but then... it happen.. =(

I really bang into my pantry glass door!! gosh how stupid is that... and i can still see the lips mark on it... gosh, i wonder what's wrong with me.. (coincidently when i was at toastbox, a man sat on those chairs which is like old wooden ones toastbox use to show the hainanese shop feel, and he got piere thru his finger by a protuding nail.. and the auntie say something bout the 7th month...) eeee.... i am freak out now...


Trust ur heart, always?

Sometimes, I am not sure if feelings are honest... If there is someone who is willing to ask your opinion and try to be who you want, is that a good sign? A really sincere question so that you will want to be with him... On the other hand, when you have doubts on someone, is that a sign that ur heart is sending ur mind some message that you try to ignore?

Is there a balance?


It is really a lucky thing when you can tell someone this true to your heart... " I'm Yours "

- by Mr. Mraz

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Classic

"... one good thing about thinkpad is, it has the latest and fastest technology packed in something that looks like it is from the late 90s and no one will steal it from starbucks..."

I was like LOL!!! Is this suppose to be a compliment or wat? But personally i call the design a classic, and i really mean it, especially their key board, have yet to use anything that beats it. Even the new lines from lenovo, or anything from Mac..

I was looking at laptop recently and initially I was browsing dell, since i got a pretty good offer for my bro. Then mac and then accidentally came accross the thinkpad, which brought back many good memories of my first T43. Even more, i discover they had a pretty interesting collections. For instance, this one was almost love at first sight...

This monster machine is hardly 'laptop'. 17 inch screen with best resolution in the industty, plus expandable 10.6 inch!!! how cool is that!! then a numpad, and a in build digitizer!! It is said to crunch almost every game in the market!! I dun even care if it weights 4kg, i am sure i will still love it.. The only thing that is holding me back is the price...(there was a 20 percent off and i am still holding myself back), else this baby will be in my home by now..

There are other interesting thinkpad too, like X201 or the Tablet version as well. and it is not ugly, it is classic!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

LGBT Again and BIGGER!

I was excited to know that we have a lgbt diversity and inclusion group in the office. Though in the last gathering mostly are normal married couple which is there to show support but at least it is a beginnin right? Then this evening we got an invitation to a interbank LGBT inclusion group, which after attending i was total High! =p

For a start, this is an event for all the investment banking employee, so u actually get ppl from those companies like Barclay Capital, Credit Suisse, Deutch Bank, UBS, Nomura (previously leighman bros and also the organizer)and our bank. Needless to mention it is some kind of great networking event. But the really highlight (for me) is they r really gay and lesbian going!!! u actually see ppl kissing on cheeks and also talking about marriage and rites for homo couples. At least 3 cute guys there among the 20plus attended. Such a wonderful evening... And when i step out of the building it was coincidently the end of YOG and we actually see fireworks so close up!! beautiful end to the event.. ^^

There are actually so many ppl willing to come out and show support and raise awareness and rights for our group. So touching... This is really something i will happily volunteer a lot.. (so i can meet the 3 cute guys again =p)

Coffee flavoured water

I was at raffles place this evening and waiting for a colleague. So a natural thing to do is to find a place to sit and drink and kap zai... (raffles place is full of these metro-ish nicely groom guys.. =p )

So i was quite happy to see this shop Coffee & Toast. Ordered my usual yuan yang (cof+tea) and it cost only 1.10 (okay, i am too used to tb pricing.. 1.70) but when i drank it, it was like... eww... is this coffee or coffee flavoured water?

It is the usual food court standard kind of tea, coffee which is really disgusting, they add like half cup of water for dunno wat reason (prob it makes the cost lower). another typical prob with ppl here, the quantity is always more important than quality, a very pathetic mentality or culture among hawkers, or the food business. no one cares bout how nicely ur noodle is cooked but rather if they give u exactly 5 slices of char siew, if given more by slip of hand, they take back.

Damn it!

This is the disgusting thingy..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am not exactly a fan of facebook, but occasionally i will still check to see any friends or msg. So yesterday when i open up my fb account and saw this friend request, i kinda got a shock of my life, follow by LOL...

Mom On FaceBook!!!

OMG... i cant believe my mom who just started to learb what is monitor, cpu and internet 2 months back, is now on fb nd adding me.. gosh!

The thing bout fb is it updates ur staus but at the same time gives out a lot of info too.. a change of staus is broadcast immediately, or u r tag in a photo and everyone can see immediately etc etc.. lesser privacy but at the same time, more convenient to share (or broadcast) to ur friends..

well, it is fun indeed i guess, else there wudnt be worth so much righr?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Step Up!!

"I like ur accent"

"Thank you! I like ur accent too."

"I dun have any accent. "


I love to watch movies that are funny, something i can laugh all the way from start to end of it. nice storyline is even more appreciated...

If these lines makes u smile, u have watched it. Else u shud, step up! Has been a while since i watch something so funny, meaningful story and best of all cool!!! the moves are so cool it is like watching a real performance. simple yet beautiful, simple for the story which encourage people to persue the dreams, beautiful for everything u see in it. (not to mention the 6 packs u see around..)

I watch the 3D whcih is even more fun!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How cheap can it gets?

In general, i guess the word Intellectual Properties weigh lesser in the asian community, somehow being for one, the purchasing power of asian curreny isnt that high, and we have a mindset to save up money for rainy days (as oppose to spending everything off and then think we will just earn again)

But at times, it is indeed very crucial, to show support for someone's creation, i mean for artist they dun really get a fix income like the general working class. Rather their time is more like spend all on creating something they are passionate of, which if lucky, becomes some world idol and everyone loves them and they live like the royal hence.. else? well, the months or years of effort plus the money invested in it end up being something like this...

Have u ever imagine how cheap a CD can get?

See if u can spot the cheapest in this photo...

It is not easy to protect Intellectual Properties these days. So if there is someone whom you really enjoy listening to their product and you can afford it, why not show some support?
*I bought my very first album, and the next year she won the best new singer in the Taiwan Music Award. It just shows i have good taste.. =p

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The End of World

2012, The end of World according to the Mayans. But then again if you read Lost Symbol, Dan Brown says there are even much earlier civilization that says different things, Apocalypse, which means... (read the book, it explains well... or u can just google, see if it means what u have in mind..)

A song written by Singapore-Born, taiwan produce artist JJ, Lin Jun Jie. I found this version sang by he himself and in English, it means "Love at the end of the World" ...

Well, i guess asking the question what will you do at if tomorrow is the end of the world seems pretty old and not fun after it has been abused so many times. But look at it another way, it is a good reminder for us to do something that wont leave any regret in your life. I mean set aside End of World, our lives, being so fragile could have ended even earlier than 2012, if one is unfortunate enough, like say car accident, or some robbers stab you for the 50 ringgit u r holding etc etc.. (okay, pui, dai kat lei si =p)

So, I suppose it is always good, to follow one's heart whenever you can. Do something that you truly wont regret not being able to. End of world, we wont know when it is, but the very moment on hand now, is something within our control, that's for sure...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miss me?

Couples, especially those who just got attached, I guess this has to be one of the most asked question. A stage where u are obviously very fond of him and dying to know if u mean as much to him and whether u r in his mind every now and then... the kind of questions that goes with, do u love me, did u think of me today etc. etc...

I read this from a blog:

"I have never think of you, cause I have never ever forgotten about u, you were always there in my mind, my thoughts..."

Okay, maybe every moment is not true, i mean times when u sleep, when u r focusing on work trying to solve some complicated maths works etc, of course ur mind cant be thinking of that person.. But the point is, when u are in love or deeply attracted to a person,ur mind has a tendency to bring him up or into whatever u r thinking. At least it was very true for my case. It is like when i am buying lunch, i would think what he might be having, or the last time we had the same food elsewhere. Or when someone talks about holiday, it makes me think of if we shud go somewhere and whether he will like it.. In fact all most all day, whenever i start to think of something randomly, he will be in the picture somehow. It only occur to me how serious that was.. when i was trying to forget about him, or stop thinking about him... In fact, it was almost impossible.. except someone else comes and replace him immediately.. else it is always up to "time" to take the memory away...

So i guess, if someone really loves you, he doesnt just think of you, he can never really forget about you...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning to fail, in Love

Too tired and brain jam today.. got OT and the coordinator for our graduate trainee suddenly request us to present on what we learn thus far... phew...

But too brain stuck to think anymore... and this song came to my mind... We learn how to love, cause we want to give our love one the best and make him happy. But how often do we learn to fail in love? However, when you think about it, this in turns protect us, give ourselves the love and strength to go on in life...


失戀學 - Ling Yu Zhong

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Young with Dream

His name is Boo JunFeng. He is a director. Highlights: Young (very) and lengzai. and this, is his first movie... Sandcastle

My friend and I went to the cinema to watch a movie called "Blog Aloud" All i knew at that point was this is a gay movie as it was advrtised on fridae. As usual i am not the kind who really check out what the film is about, the rating etc. etc. All is concern is who i am watching and in this case, there will be a gay crowd.. =p (which it does, more detail later.. )

But only later on to realize this isnt exactly a movie.. rather a collection of Boo JunFengMs production since 2004 (and i was told he is about 19 yo back then..) Anyway, the short films were interesting I suppose, 2 on gay themes, one that tells us "sex is love" (this piece is really cool), then a piece that i intepreted as young Singaporean who came back from overseas and seems to loath everything here.. (this one i cud be wrong, but at least many i know are like that anyway.. =p )

So at the end of the show, there was a feedback / Q and A session with JunFeng (gosh, as if he is a close friend.. junfeng.. =p *lengzai ma..*) My impression was he is really young looking, lengzai (again, i realize i cant emphasize enough of this) and he works with lots of lengzais in his work. Sandcastle main cast too in this case.. Another funny thing to note though is he used a lot of "u know, u know" in his answers or speech.. must be nervous.. in fact eventually the emcee was using this phrase a lot too.. if i have a counter it cud be like 100 plus time in the 20 minutes interval.

Then, there was this middle age gay who ask this question, something like, "You have been producing so m any gay works, and RECEIVING SUPPORT FROM THE GAY COMMUNITY ( the movie and fridae sponsor), do u think u will be casted as a gay director? "

Somehow My intepretation of the question was simply "are u gay?" and my intepretation of the answer was 'yes, i am' as after the 5 minute long explanation and the 20 plus "u know" in between, he said this line "it is something close to my heart.." so? what wud u think this means?

But the reason i quote this question is not so much for the revelation, rather on the part the middle age man way of saying "support from the gay communiy", his tone and choice of words reflects really strongly of a gay community identity (which i think is good, to be proud of who u r) but at the same time seemingly demanding seomthing back (which i strongly despise). I mean, giving support is because u recognize someones' work, or showing a unity when there islike still half the earth population disgreeing with us.. even among ourselves, as i have met a self claim gay who use 'u people' to describe gay, and excluding himself!? So yea, we dont have to expect someone to return a favour when we show support righta. if u feel he is taking advantage of this community, just stop showing support, but asking for something back is not really the way IMO... thus i was kinda annoyed when i heard the way he question lengzai junfeng.. he is scaring the poor young cutie!! *He wont be forgiven unless he sponsor a million dollar for his next production! *

Conclusion, a very unique movie experience to see the director himself there.. all the more young and lengzai and gay (i think) and probably talented (i am not a film person but i heard of Cannes, and his work was there..) So yup, show ur support..


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Highly Addictive - Unputdownable

Unputdownable - This is the word use as a quote from News of the World for the book. It seems like these days any word that make sense is valid, and it makes oxford or cambridge dictionary feel like they can go to the dustbin as they might not even catch up with these developement..

Okay, I mean The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. The flow was fast pace, yet it is so much to read. (Okay, someone just commented I was slow reader so mayb that's another factor I havent finished and I think it is long) But the point is it is really interesting... so hard to put down...

And i so look forward to the movie because of this one character that I really like.. CIA Director Inoue Sato. A Japanese old lady not taller than 5 feet (and she is the CIA Director!!!). Some part of the story there was this conversation that I made me so fond of the character hence..


' I want to see that X-ray. I want to know what's in his bag.' (Sato)

Anderson looked over at the bag Langdon had been carrying all evening. 'But ... wouldn't it be easier just to ask him?'

'Which part of my request was unclear?' (Sato)


Sometimes, having authority is just so cool...

Read it!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Eagerly opening a new purchase, then replacing the old one, cant wait even till reaching home to do it... Sounds a little like a kid getting a new gift and want to use it immediately doesn't it? Well at least I think I was like that back then..

It was another "dinner" time at toastbox and the usual crowd on friday nite. There was this age 40+ couple beside my table. The lady was opening up something she got from a departmental stall upstairs. It appears to be a GoldLion wallet. I wasn't intending to eavesdrop but they were talking too loud... So anyway, it appears auntie got it for the uncle, she was busy clearing the old wallet and putting everything in the new one..

I found it quite funny cause it reminds me of how my mom use to lecture me I dun have patience.. and now a middle age auntie is doing it.. So mom, not just kids do that k.. adult can get really excited about it... But o well, they both are excited about it and the auntie keep saying how nice the wallet is... and uncle just nod and smile, not that enthu but seems happy though.. (which kinda reminds me how me and my best mate used to like to discuss about our shopping all the time and get really high about it.. as we see a lot of things in common most of the time) But seeing the auntie doing it so loudly in public it kinda reminds me to be more careful.. cause such syiok sendiri act can be embarassing in other's eye, like i was looking at it and htinking.. is just a waller.. big deal.. =p

O well.. a sweet middle age couple.. Halfway there.. sure is not easy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Signs

When it took me one whole mnnth of May to shift my sleep pattern, with the help of early rainy june weather during the daytime, I knew it wasnt going to be easy to switch back to night shift again after 2 weeks of training.. Especially when i only managed 4 hours yesterday, I was basically fainting thru the night.. lucky thing is no boss is around!

There are signs that after all these years makes me aware something is wrong in my body. Falling sick is of course the most obvious, but thats like red alert and a too-late-buddy kinda sign.. And those yellow alerts for me are like having very bad dandruff condition (eewww, but fyi it is not because i didnt wash my hair) or getting ulcers! (OUCH!! I hate this one!) I notice these ae very prominet signs when i dun get enough sleep or i stay up real late (back in uni time). This time round, BOTH are showing..

Seems like there is indeed a price to pay for these night shifts.. I was still so proud of myself 3 weeks back when the doctor (looking impressed) telling me my health screening result was good, everything falls in the healthy, fit, good category. (And I mean seriously, it was the way the doctor said it that gives me the impression as if a 'normal' person here in this city should have some condition not normal, so when u are perfectly healthy it is abnormal or rare..) but now i really have doubt.. hmm maybe i can sue the hospital for giving false-encouraging-results?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost - Almost

This entry was initially posted because I thought I lost this... But only to my relief that it was lying on my bed when I reach home (rather than on the cab seat)... What a shock I had, and it really made me so upset I was moody and wrote this. Soemtimes u really never learn to appreciate until u loose it, or at least u thought u loose it.

Here goes the original post...


I was still counting how much it cost me in my trip back here in my previous entry.. only to realize that those seems nothing compare to a lost i just found out..

I was trying to tap my wallet on the mrt entrance but it shows error.. i thought must be all the embedded cards affecting one another as they sometimes happens but only to realize i didnt have any ezlink card in my wallet.. immediately my mind flash back to yesterday nite where i was clutching on to my card rushing home.. then change and gel my hair and rush out to my cab waiting outside... i might have held it on my hand at that pont but my minds keep flashing on my one hand holding my bag and the other holding to the change and then searching for my access card.. definitely no free hand for the ezlink...


To others, it is just a ezlink with a half-side-look doraemon sticker.. but it really meant a lot.. and definitely a lost for good.. for a start the doraemon sticker is one that we found together in those shops that probably sell only seasonal items, so unlikely they will have it again... but even more meaningful than that was the card itself...

last year there was an upgrade to the whole commuter card system in Singapore. So everyone has to change their card to the new one and it is for free.. As usual these things dun bother me much until He told me about it.. even so i wasnt really in a hurry of doing it.. but he suggested we do it together which of course i am perfectly fine..

So one day, we were queueing at the ticketing counter to change our card.. after we both got our card, he took mine but then made a dissapointed sigh and say, "It is not in sequence.." I was puzzled, but after he explained, only did i realize he was actually being really romantic. He wanted us to change together so our card number will be in sequence. Though that didnt happen, but i felt really happy at that time. The thoughts thats wat really counts right? And thinking back now, he actually did, at one point really see us as "couple" or as "one" .. just too many things happen eventually that doubts keep growing until I actually forgotten he ever did..

but now.. it is gone... i lost a really valueble gift because of my stupid itenary that for the first time i am so careless with my belongings..

I wonder.. if this is telling me.. something is lost.. for good...


That was what I wrote yesterday when I thought I lost it.. Again, seems to be a reminder that anything can happen, u might not even realize how it happen as u are so comfortably having it with you... but one little mistake u can loose something that you probably treasure a lot but forgotten about how much it meant cause u take it for granted it will be there forever...

After starbuck, Rush!

Everything was cool and easy since the morning, breakfast with mom.. packed then head to the busstop for my bus to kl, then my bro will be meeting me at kl.. and after that we went for lunch at sentral, more than enough time to do secret recipe follow by a coffee in coffee bean.. and i intro my bro to their double chocolate with mashmallow which is my favourite.. then off to lcct on the klia express and i still have lots of cozy time to walk slowly read my lost symbol and check my blog... thats where the coziness starts to fade and unexpected hectic evening gradually begins..

all was good until i step foot on johor, i wonder if it is somekind of mysterious force behind all this that going near this busy city things are bound to speed up and u have to move at its speed.. as i realize it is the second time i am rushing pass the checkpoint... (or maybe it is just my badly plan schedule)

Last sat morning i woke at 6 to leave house for johor.. reach checkpoint at 7 and i thought i was early... but there was a long jam at the johor checkpoint due to the bloody new custom office design.. all in all, stupid planning. i was caught up and reach the bus terminal at 8 which was my my departure timing.. thinking back, it was a rushlikehell moment and thank god we made it...

then reaching kl, i wanted to have a nice lunch with the 2.5 hour we have, so from bukit jalil we took a cab to mid valley, i am obviously not good with the roads but just a comparison, the going trip cost 22 ringgit and bout 40 minutes, the coming back trip cost me 14 ringgit and not more than 15 minutes.. and the routes were different. The first cab driver was trying to explain there is a jam in the road he took and closing of a road and eventually he need to follow sign board to reach. 2 word came to my mind, stupid asshole! what kind of lame excuse for him being not familiar and taking wrong route.. giving me a weong impression it took that long and me and my bro rushing thru our lunch at chilis (quite a waste as i notice my bro wanted to finish the fries but we thought we need another 40 minutes to go back.. )

then back in ipoh, mom told me she forgot to buy the ticket the other day and now it is sold off.. immediately check flight, kl to johor, air aisa, bought without much thinking as it is the first thing i can confirm on... anyway it cost bout 65 plus the miscellaneuos.. but not knowing how 'much' it actually cost till now..


So after reaching senai at 9.15pm (the entire flight was like 30min.. damn fast).. i check with the bus.. next at 10.30 cost 8ringgit.. and the cab cost 44 ringgit so... well i can wait, i guess.. only to realize i might not hav transport to company after i reach here.. and cab wud cost as much.. hell... despite trying to rush thru the checkpoint-again.. i still cudnt get the last train.. so as expected, 20 sgd for the cab... and the klia express cost, the fliht, the ticket from ipoh to johor, trnasitting within kl... it sure was tiring and hectic evening..

Starbucks @ LCCT KL

These are what keep me going for the 3 hours wait at LCCT (2.5 more) ... The coffee, well taste like coffee nothing to complain except it cost me 9 ringgit.. The book though, is as addictive as the 2 previous, lucky i got it...

***** totally unexpected trip that i will be at LCCT when i went home few days back.. all the more my first trip here is because of some unexpected event, totally unplanned and decision made in a few minutes... but c'est la vie... *****

Friday, August 6, 2010

Say It Out!

The original conversation was in mandarin, and the word they use is 鱼尾纹 and after googling I learn it is called crow feet wrinkle in english... so here it goes..


Man: "The crow feet wrinkle is around the eyes (gesturing his own temples), especially after a person's skin get loose and ageing"

Woman: "So you mean I have wrinkles?" (a little nervous and annoyed)

(The man saw her expression and hug her by the waist immediately and started cooing her)

Man: "Of course not, your skin is so good and u look so pretty!!! Of course you dun have any wrinkles on your face.." (and kiss the woman)


I overheard this conversation on my way home in the train. The man is in his mid or late 30s and about 160-170 pound, the woman whose accent should be from china is also about 30+ and seems to weigh about 130-140 pound. No offence on this detail description of their physical appearance, but merely to give an idea what I see..

I was smiling when I heard the conversation.. cause I think they are a really cute couple.. Beauty is in the eye of beholder.. How true is that... Obviously they are not lengzai or lenglui standard, but the reaction the man has when he realize the woman is feeling uneasy with him mentioning the wrinkles, shows how much he cares and loves her.. Sweet talking, and hugging her in the public, obviously he doesn't care how others look at them, cause he is saying the things aloud, rather it is how she felt that matters more..

Soometimes, between couples, there is a reluctant to keep praising the other, or trying to say something nice after being together for a while. You probably feel there is no need or begin to take him for granted. There must be a reason why you first fall for him right? Why be stingy with a few sweet words? Tell him he is pretty or cute to you, his eyes, his lips, his nose, eye brows anything... We all love to hear good things, so all the more you should show it to the person who means a lot to you...


At least dun wait until he has doubt, and start asking this question...

.. it is probably too late by then..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is Marche

Expensive, but still crowded... This is Marche.

okay, to be fair it is not the most expensive dining, but i am using the living standard of a fresh grad so bear with the poor guy here.. =p

I remember the last time i visited this place (also the first time) we ordered the mushroom soup and it turn out to be the most awful thing on our table and neither me nor my friend wanted to finish it despite it cost like 8 bucks.. it had too much sour cream and bits of dunno wat.. it just isnt our kind of thing.. yuck..( it maybe nice to others, but we passed.. take it..)

But there are some pretty nice dish too like the following.. which is the main reason i am willing to go again..

The first dish, chicken mushroom crepe, roasted chicken and sauteed mushroom (this way of cooking mushroom is my favourite, and it goes well with dry ban min too) wrap with cheese and tomato paste, definitely worht trying..

The next one is simple but surprising a very very nice dish.. it is pan fried shreded potato. there isnt much seasoning but the sweetness of the potato is so prominent when they prepare i this way.. another must try!

something new i had today is the apple juice, which was also better than expectation.. So all in all a nice meal, worth it!

Something unique or also evil about Marche is the paying method. Everyone gets a card and all u need to do is order and let the food counter swipe the card and it goes into ur card.. similar to visa card right? i mean u cant see the cumulated amount and u walk around the fancifully decorated stalls and keep ordering until u see the total at the counter.. aint this evil?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SGD 1,027.58 worth of ...



I was at Candy Empire getting some chocolate bisquits and cookies since I will be dropping by at bro's place this weekend and he likes them.

As I join the queue, the length was like about 6-7 customer, and I was moving gradually as I was reading an article on my phone... until suddenly I felt, hey, how come the queue is not moving? From that point it was until 20 minutes later that I reach the counter and made my payment...

So I look up and notice there was a couple in front of me, but it wasn't them jamming the queue rather this family of Indonesian or could be Malaysian too of about 10 buzzing at the counter.

Guess what they were doing? Okay, for one, they are busy loading and packing their purchases from the shopping basket. Apart from that, they were also raiding the counter. Yes! I mean it! it is like they see one thing, then they grab the entire box, see another, grab 2 boxes, or some chocolate bars, the lady pratically just grab with both her hands without even counting... not to mention the 10 baskets on the floor...

First thought, they are damn rich, second thought, where ever they are from, it must be severly shortage of confectionaries... (e.g. some kampunp where ppl have loads of lands and farming business but no where to spend the money =p)

Then the moment I was waiting for... the cashier to hit the total, and tadaa!!! $1,027.58. I think I shud tell my mom to buy toto and 4D, i mean this number has to be a msg from GOD or soemthign.. how often u see someone shopping thousand dollar worth of candies? It is not like some luxury meal or something.. but the shopping bag u see them carry, it cud easily be fill into a mini cooper and let u play the "Guess how many kit kat in the Mini Cooper" kind of game.

Really amusing to be waiting there.. for once someone impatient like me actually wasn't grumpy.. rather I was like enjoying the whole process... I was even tempted to take a photo of the cashier total amount but on second thought.. better not la.. so paiseh..

Rich is for sure though, the lady was laying her LV purse on iPad on the counter as if some kind of tray or something... !?! yes it is an iPad, a THING that is currently out of stock practically everywhere on the island, and she is ABUSING it like that!

I was even picturing how she bought it,


Rich Lady: So what's the latest and most expensive gadget now... I want the latest ya..

Evil Business Man: Oh, latest most "geng" is iPad lo, now outside got money also cannot get la, and we have one last one...

Rich Lady: Oo really so good? How much ya?

Evil Business Man: Normal price we sell 6k, but since it is the last one I give u a discount la, $5,998...

Rich Lady: wah, so new and so cheap, okay I take it! If got anymore call me back yea.. wanna get one more for Ahmad, my driver, so he can play with it when waiting for me to do shopping..


i mean Kampung might not even have wifi or mobile internet coverage.. wonder if she knows that?

Anyway... a really interesting evening at Candy Empire ^^

A song for the Candy family..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A friend who understands, a true friend

Have you ever encountered moments where a thought is going around your mind and ur best friends just say it out aloud and ur heart yells, " YES! YES! THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE POINT! " and totally fell in love with him or her for understanding u so well?

Okay, the exact same thing happen... Last Friday I was at Zara with this Uni friend and I was trying on a large jacket which extend to somewht knee length. It doesn't look appealing but I was trying it cause it has my size and is reduce from 259 to 89. I was asking my friend who was along there but he merely say it is ugly and expensive. I don't agree but 89 isn't ecxactly what u call "cheap" so we just left...

Today I had dinner with my best friend since Primary School. We passed by the same shop so i thought i would show him the jacket. Initially he thought it look weird. When I put it on and he was looking at me, he changed his mind, and said,

" Actually, it looks good when u put it on.. "

At this point I was nodding already cause that's the feeling i had too the other day, except my other friend didn't see it that way.

Then he was ask how much so i told him the sales, and he was like,

" What? I thought it was 169, but now 259 reduce to 89, it is really worth it, and it does look good to, so worth it!"

And I was nodding furiously, he really knows me, that was exactly how i felt that day!!! That's the point!!!

Okay, I didn't buy it in the end, cause although we agree it is nice and a good bargain, but there isn't really a good use of it in our weather... But the point is, it makes u think that yea, sometimes there is a reason why ppl becomes best friend, I am not saying my other friend disagreement is wrong, but simply the way you see things the same way, ur perceptive on many things, and the way u feel about many things bring 2 person together... and having this assurance and support from a good friend does really brighten up ur day. Even we didn't buy, but the process was really enjoyable, someone who knows and can really give u sincere feedback (which mostly favours u =p) feels really great.

We havent been close while he was in KL and I was here for Uni, but now, it just shows that real friends are always there... even sometimes u dun talk or meet, but the chemistry will always be there when u are together again...


Just on a side note, any good advice to avoid being con by taxi driver in KL? Bukit Jalil to Mid Valley and then back from there... within 3 hour for a lunch, should be enough right?

Much appreciated... thanks!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is not a joke!

I can't remember exactly when we learn negative numbers, but it must be at least PMR or lower sec standard right? So let me ask this question, what is

4-(-5) = ?

Okay, if u cant work that out, I strongly advice u do not proceed with the following post...


So the last time we had classroom training was when we first joined, we had this boot camp for 30 of us all college hire (meaning age below 30 and less than 2 years of working experience). This time round, we have classroom training again but the group is slightly different. It consist of experience hires from India who have been transfered over a couple of months ago. Also meaning they are from different age group. (anyway, age doesn't seem to matter so much in what happened today, at least not when u talk about ppl in IT field with a basic degree from somewhere). BUT, the POINT is they are not any younger than us.

So a pre-test was given to somewhat introduce the class, the question looks easy but there are some specific reason for that kind of primary school level question. So the trainer ask the question one by one in sequence,

Some examples are:

4+5 = ?
5-4 = ?

Mine was 2 to the power of 3.. And then negative numbers, which was the highlight moment of the day!!

This experience hire (codename: EH) was given the question above,

4-(-5) = ?

Trainer: So EH, what's the answer?

EH : It's minus nine ( -9 )

Trainer: Sorry?

* there was a stunned silence for a short while (I was trying real hard to surpress laughing out loud) then the person sitting beside him, and many other started muttering "nine)

EH: The answer is minus nine (-9)

Okay, this time round i cant bother, i was bending my body towards the side and laughing so only my neighbour can see. I mean OMG, for one, how can he got that wrong, and for another one, everyone has already mentioned the right answer but he keep insisting his answer. Even the trainer was so awkward he just say right so the answer is... and drag on to the next topic, pretending none of these happen...

This is definitely the highlight, i mean how did he ended up in this job, IT system programmer getting that much pay and transfer from India to here... Gosh, i can't imaging my ex-boss seeing this happen, someone he interviewed... =p

The rest of the class are ppl fighting to answer whats's 10000 seconds in hour, min and sec. Notice i say "fighting" and yea, it was meant to be taking turns but some show off just want to impress he can do this really challenging question and say its 2 hours, 35 min 67 seconds. I dunno if it is his accent or he really say say 67 seconds. I had enough laughing for the day, u can take over from here...


Just when I thought enough ridiculous things had happen for the day, there is this little incident when I was on my way home. A guy, obviously mentally unstable, was shouting, hitting his bag, singing and mumbling something about himself working in PSA ( it is a pretty big local Port management company i believe) in the MRT. First time i notice such ppl stranded on street, given the government here have lots of things under control... probably crack down after he was being fired...

I just avoid making eye-contact, i mean i dunno what's in his bag, but definitely cud be dangerous...

What a day...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week End

Again, another week ended. I know my teacher says Sunday is the beginning of a week but to me it feels more like an end.

My previous post was written in a really tired state where I am lying comfortably on a bed and my body strugling against my will to blog to go to sleep. So i noticed there were many funny words. Anyway, something to laugh about..

I kinda realize I have been going to club a lot lately... Okay, on one hand it is for the guys... obviously going to a gay club, there are a good chance of encounter, either someone will be looking at you or vice versa, so if both eyes click, then woo-hoo... else at least u get to look at cute guys, which is not too bad either..

But another major reason is for the music. Sometimes it feels good to be in the environment where u really can move along with a pool of people in those music, it feels really good. And somehow, like how i felt for gay clubs when I first went, I still enjoy seeing loving couples in the place, they hug each other, kiss, teased one another... it is like a what normal couples would do in public, except our "public" is limited to this small space of about 2-3 shop lots. But still, seeing these happy couples still put a smile on my face for some reason. Maybe it is the pride that we have our rights, of maybe it is simple it gives me hope that someday I will have it too... best wishes to all of them...

But i guess I am still lousy in drinking.. just one small brandy coke, and other ppl are downing like bottles of dunno what..

That's the weekend.. recently I am starting to think over it.. any better alternative?? like taking musical instrument class or something.. hmm..


A nice song to listen before sleeping... very soothing and sweet... Especially the first part of the 2 songs, it is really nice...

當我們同在一起 "When we were together"