Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hearty Breakfast

I guess I must be coughing really bad, cause when I woke up, I saw an sms from my landlord about an hour ago,

"Ah boy r u home? Not feeling well huh? u need me to buy dinner for u?"

As i really dun feel like eating, so i just replied saying thanks but kinda like no appetite at the moment.

Then later i went out to wash up and bump into him, but i could barely speak due to the lost of voice so he just asked me to drink more water.

Later on, as I was changing in my room, there is a knock on the door, then he came in holding this,

-A ham and cheese sandwich and "Pei Pa Gou" drink.

He said, "You are sick, must eat something."

Gosh, that was so sweet and warm of him... It was one of the most hearty breakfast I ever had...

I heart my Landlord... Muacks!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I heart Malaysian

Boys, more specifically gay boys..

It was quite honored that my weekend getaway was hosted by Mr.Tuls and his Bubu, and of course Lucifer... eventhough it was the firt time meeting all of them in person, it didnt take much effort to blend in and the short trip was really awesome.

I once blogged about KL guys seems more approcable and down to earth compare to guys here.. Meeting then has once again proven my belief...

Gosh, now i kinda regret not doing my Uni in KL. Else some part of my life will prob be more interesting. I guess u gain some, u loose some. But this some is something i really rather not loose...

I heart Malaysian boys. I totally do now ...


Next time, I will be able to do this song, and all others. Next time! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway

The last time i had been out of this little island was the CNY holiday with my family to Bangkok. Then all the way, work, classes, dinner, movies, work, claases, dinner, movies, weekend work, dinner, work, classes, dinner, clubs, work, classes, weekend work and so on...

For almost 3 solid months life seems pretty routine, nothing particularly memorable, or exciting. Just getting into bed to wake up again for same daily routine. And one third of 2011 has gone. Many of my colleagues, friends have gone on small holidays, some even big ones, like UK, Germany, for honeymoon-ish holiday. Sweet... =)

So finally managed to get an excuse to get away to somewhere, spend a little money just to break out of the mundane routine. But its truly worth it... even the beginning of the trip feels so different, staying overnite at the airport seeing different things. I mean alternatively i wud be staying awake at clubs or in my room. I mean i heart my room! But once a while, i love different things, makes life feel refreshing. (And this doesn't apply to bf! I wont change once in a while to be refreshed, i will just make him stay overnight at airport with me. Thats it. I swear!!)

Hopefully it will be a pleasant one!

Lastly, i thanked starbucks for operating 24/7 and making places like airport more condusive for overnights... I heart Starbucks. Muacks to u!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When I was a kid, I used to say good night to dad, mom and my little bro.

When I left for uni, basically there is no one to say it to. Okay, maybe to my roomie out of courtesy but that's like once or twice. Not a daily thing.

Then all the way until I met my ex. It was a call every night. Someone to say good night again, regularly. The feeling was really warm. Realy really heart-warming. Because there is this person who end the day together with you. We all know we may not be able to be side by side at that moment. But that's something bound to happen one day. We all believe.

Well, now it becomes something irregular again.

But have you ever thought how significant being able to say "Goodnight" every night is? Its something intimate, it meant there is someone close whom you want to say it to. Hoping he sleeps peacefully after this word.

Gonna be another "night" for me soon. Goodnight!


Specially for Whizkid (if you are reading), wishing you a goodnight from Yoga Lin. ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The 1st 100th day is sweet, the 2nd 100th day is endurance, the 3rd 100th day is doubt, if you made it through the 4th 100th day, you are very close to Forever. Cause JJ says,

"...管过多少100天也像刚热恋, 两个人手一牵连命运都改变, 当守护变信念连泪水都很甜..."


Honeymoon seems to originate from the idea of celebrating the beginning of a marriage. In schools, the teacher calls the first quarter as honeymoon. In Uni, the Professors calls the 1st 1 or 2 week of a sem as honeymoon. In workplace, probably the first month.

It all implies that things are gonna get tougher after that period. And to think that it comes from a marriage seems to be say a lot about how people look at marriages in long term. Hmm...

For a gay couple though, honeymoon period refers to when you first got to know each other. When first look admiration is still there, when you still feel fresh and so much to discover about the other. When you are still very cautious with each other feelings. When you havent seen him farts or snores. When he hasn't throw temper at you. When all are still lovey-dovey.

It really seems a little different for a gay relationship. Cause we go through a get-together-then-get-to-know-each-other phase. Rather than the other way round which is more conventional in normal relationship.

I guess that's how that was called the honeymoon period. Sweet, then endurance, like marriage. Well, many didn't made it through the after, which could be a month, 3 months, a year or more. It depends how soon each is willing to acknowledge the difference. How much effort is put into adapting. And how realistic it is, to really make that effort. And if it is worth it.

Well, we know many didn't, because giving up always seems easier, and we always believe that there is probably someone more suitable out there. True statement? Like most lecturer says, there is no right answer. But, we also seen many happily together, still happy, and i believe they will go a long way. They deserved it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eleven Again

Just where i got the idea of the title. And to use the lengzai image.

Scene: MRT station exit
Person: 11 y/o little girl


One hand holding her mrt pass, the other hand on her cell, handsfree plug into her ears, she was obviously busy juggling with replying to whoever she is talking to and trying to tap her pass to exit the station.

"Can you please hold on, Gosh.." said the little girl in a I-am-busy tone while attempting to tapped her card while keeping the books balance on her other hand and holding on to the phone.

Finally she exited the station and saw her friend waiting, she attempted a gesture that prob says, give me a moment, i am on phone while also waving her to follow her.

*mumbling something into phone* ...end phone conversation.

"You know what?" little girl said excitedly to her friend

her friend's head moved in a 'nope' manner..

"my EX, he gave me a bday present last week" she said in an excited tone, "it was a ... he is... "


First the drama complicated feelings with an annoying guy, this week, an ex? bday present? 11 y/o life sure has gotten a lot more different since my days. I mean the first time i had an "ex" was when i was 24.. like wat, last year? Gosh..


Just realize i was in office all the 7 days last week when someone asked me how was ur weekend. Definitely a first time for me...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Will you listen?

Speaking up and speaking one's mind out is encouraged, especially in asian's culture, where we tend to be more reserved. However, that's not so much the case in Singapore context, seems like everyone is very keen to tell everyone else what he/she thinks n its the all out kind of approach.

I personally was a typical shy boy back in Sec school. One great thing about studying here is I learn to speak up a lot. But stepping into the coorperate world, I realize to Listen is probably a more valuable trait than being able to speak. Be it work life or with your friends around. How often do we hold on our urge to tell, and listen attentively to what other's has to say?

You will probably be surprise how much harder it is to find someone who can listen properly. I mean just think how often you use this words on someone, stubborn, stupid, id**t, f**k*r, j*rk, <-- well obviously they ain't listening to you enough right?

And of course, bf are obliged to listen, but even they don't most of the time, right?


Listen, to the voice here in my heart...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you feel Lucky?

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend"

As superficial as we can be sometimes (or lots of times), you cant deny this is what keep 2 hands holding on. A friend and more. That's truely Lucky.


Ever ask this question, "is he my best friend?" and what would the answer be?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things You Never Knew

We all know honesty is the best policy. We also know there shouldn't be secret between couples. But yet, we know that in reality, no couples knows everything about the other person.

In some situations, its called a white lie. Where the truth is too painful or harsh to be known by the other, thus a better approach is to tell a lie. Though a personal experience says, if ur conscience will bother u, dun do it. There will always be a guilty feeling in u, so rather let it happen and aim for remedy. Else, u r good to go with this.

But we all know sometimes this can be abuse. Like cheating. U know it and ur friends beg u not to tell, cause its a one off. And he swears it will never happen again. Well, i wud say, "Bullshit!"

Another situation when a couple doesnt bout the other is when we dont know how we should tell the other person what we think or feel. A simple example, when we crave for more attention. Or we feel like we r being ignore. The solution should be as simple as, "hey, u hav been ignoring me a lot lately, i know u r busy but if u really care how hard is it to reply a msg?' Yet, knowing how fragile our relationship can be at times and bearing the word 'mature' on us. We just swallow that unpleasant feeling most of the time. A luckier couple prob wud hav a good frind to be the middle person and pass the msg on. Else it might end up as someone willing to give him more attention and we loose him for good. Things u never knew, things that are too late to know.


Coming from lee hom, he definitely meant no bad intention, when he says this is something you never knew... 你不知道的事...

Its either him or JJ, i am happy with anyone of them..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hong Kong - 07-11

During the K session with my bestie, we brought up the topic about HK trip again. I have kinda matched places in my mind like whom to go with and do what. Like


With my bestie, no doubt it has to be shopping. Reason being he UNDERSTANDS me. Yes, and its mutual, we always have something nice to say about each other apparel and we are always supportive to each other in convincing the other to buy something. Okay i know this sound shallow, like how hard it is to tell someone to buy? Well, the unique thing is we can always point out soemthing the other had in mind. That's the fun part.

The last time I was in HK was 2007 October. Great weather, and good company. Although it was a student days budget trip where 5 person squeezed in a room. But it was one of the most memorable trip I had. In fact u can see from the photos its actually a all lengzai/lenglui trip... (so self-deluded.. =p ). we went flew from Shanghai (where we did our internship) to shenzen, cross a bridge/custom and went into HK.

It was overall a free and easy...

*And well since Will says age is catching up and i wont get back the sharp chin, I decided to start dwelling in the past.. digging out old photos..

This is our trip to Ocean Park. That time the decision was between Disney and Ocean Park. Somehow Disney was voted out because its a long day thingy and we dun wanna spend so much time in one place.
Because of the long sleve and hair style, my friend told me a lady was whispering to her daughter (but loud enough for my friend to hear though =p) that I am a Japanese tourist. Maybe one day I should really sit down with my mom and ask seriously if there is any such blood line along the family.. Xp

Then this is the very classical photo which when i uploaded to Friendster (yes, not facebook back then) and my brother showed it to my mom and it lead to the kind of Mom-Son-erm-err-talk...
But that was before she met my ex.. which I think has now save me lots of such awkward moments, even i seem close to my colleague...

We also went to Macau, Wax-Museum, Kowloon, and one of my favourite, Bo-Hai Gai (Sports shoe-street) which has tonnes of great bargain on Nike, Addi, Puma etc... But i was told its gonna be taken down soon...

Almost 4 years have passed... Time really flies... Hopefully I will get to visit this place again soon.


Of course one more thing I love about HK, food.

This is where dining in and taking away a Bo-Lo Bun cost 10HKD more. It was A LOT for a student back then.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

City Boy

I don't like crowd. This can be interpreted as, when i see some crowds gather to watch a performance like say in the mall, I will be the first to walk in opposing direction. (Exceptions -no doubt- for clubs, countdown parties which u get to hug people.. especially gay events =p)

But the irony is i like people, and i dun mean alternative to animals, i mean in terms of living in a city like Singapore, where there a high volumes of people everywhere. I enjoy being one of the people walking in the crowded mall or train interchange. Enjoy the vibe of crowds around, each doing their own things... But no so much when i hav to wait for seats at eateries.. but well, its a trade off.

Beaches, small towns (like ipoh) are still very appealing to me.. especially after some major incidents. Those places are perfect places for healing a weary body or mind or even, a broken heart. But only for a short period to recharge. I still dun see myself fitting into those peaceful simple life, yet.

I was in this small city in US, Richmond, VA. That's the first city i lived in the US. The first question i posted on fb when i visited their so called downtown was, "where r the people!?". It was only when i was in New York City, when my dad took me to Time Square that finally i was yelling, "Yes!!! This is USA!!! Woohoo!!!!!" . Well, i mean i do enjoy the life in Richmond, quiet, spacious apartments, slow pace, but its too quiet.. City on the other hand is complicated, fast pace and pressurizing. But it gives u a kinda of drive, a kind of energy, youthful and vibrant feeling. Guess we can just never have the best of both worlds right?

I have a friend who is 3 year younger, to him, the ideal life is to have a stable job back in his hometown in Sabah. He doesnt find life in sg so attractive. Which makes me thinks its no so much about age either.. More of the person itself.

So there, a material boy, a City Boy.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Given a choice of confrontation and avoidance, i think i am more of evasive personality. Though working life wud drive u to be more outspoken but generally i opt for subtle ways to go.

Was browsing for books in a bookstore today and came across the titles by Haruki Murakami. This was a book introduce to me by a friend, who, initially was very closed but something happen later that we didnt really keep in touch anymore. Because of that, despite it is a world reknown author, i just cudnt bring myself to buy it and read it. Cause i know it will remind me of him. Something which i dont wish to see any sooner..

Its kinda like when i just broke up with my ex, i feel so lost and affraid to go anywhere.. cause Singapore is just about that big. We hav been to pretty much every popular places together. The memory just comes hitting you no matter how hard you try to ignore. All the more some places have memories which hurts badly, seeing those scnenes over in ur head. I wanted to leave this country at one point of time. But reality reminds me i still hav my family to support. And think of it, it was that that keeps me going on, no matter how bad it felt...

Sometiems i do wish i was more of a cold hearted, decisive or confrontive kind of person.. and less emotional.. but really, these things seems to be something that comes naturally. I blame it to stupid Sagi!


This week has ben really hectic, extra meeting for 3 days at off office hour... thanks god its MY friday... Yay... got 4 hour of sleep time before the next round! so Happy... ='(

This is so so so soothing.. all the weariness seems to healed... When will he be mine?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Ex

Okay, the title is kinda misleading, Ex here actually refers to, Ex-Favourite Phone brand and the Ex-Cellphone Market Big Player. Nokia.

It was indeed my favourite and only phone brand. I always felt it was the smoothest user experience was with Nokia (well, at least true for till 5 years ago). But time changes, hardward no longer is the winning factor, rather the software in it. And it is not catching up fast enough with Google and Apple.

I was browsing at news and saw Nokia came up with these concepts phones. Well, not a bad strategy, i mean not everyone needs or use a smart phone. There are still other markets to go for and these are actually pretty fun-looking for mid-range prices phone.

- The Aroma Phone

Apart from the novelty that it doesn't have a hard-case body, it also emits aroma when u flip.. cool isn't it?

- Shape Shifter

Obviously this and the next selling point are morphing and shifting shapes into different things like watch, or some accessories.

Quite cool, but i prefer the Aroma phone design..

- Kinetic

Some movement oriented phone, basically stands up when it rings and if u dun wanna pick up push it down. Fun, but good enough only as deskphone replacement, i mean who want that chunk of thing below as mobile right?

Well, obviously they need creativity to beat iPhone and Android era now... I am still using nokia, but pretty determine to get the white unicorn iPhone 4 if it ever comes out... I mean how can a gay never try grindr at least once in his life? =p


Okay, this is really an ex, N82-Dragonfly

I used to have a N82, it is definitely my favourite nokia phone. It may not be powerful compare to times like this, but it was definitely the best for its time. Great camera and fastest GPS i ever had experience with. And its plainly on GPS signal without 3G.

If they really make it, I might seriously consider getting it as secondary phone. Just like ex-es i guess... there will only be a chance to be taken back, when something has changed, more precisely has improved.

Monday, April 4, 2011

11 Year Old

How should 11 year old kids look like? I have a very traditional image of girls in short crop hair, dark blue skirt uniform with white shirt and with a bag, talking shyly about how annoying guys are among themselves. Occasionaly bickering with guys bout how annoying they are. Those are the times where we have the most gays and lesbians cause guys and girls are suppose to be on opposing site. If u attempt to talk to the opposite side you will be laughed and joke badly and being labelled as married to the girl, and the feeling is not sweet but rather, it feels like you have plague or soemthing.

So anyway, those were my days. This morning, as i was walking home from the train station, a high pitch voice came suddenly from behind. It feels like some machine-gun-speed blabbering and approaching. So i turn side way and saw these 2 girls around primary 4 or 5 walking past.


Girl: *..blabbering...*

The other girl nod,

Girl: "... i know he ... he is always... annoying.. dun like him..."

the other girl keep on listening and nodding,

Girl, **Big Sigh** (yes, she sigh dramatically)

Girl: ".. but I have to admit that i think he is nice... "

Girl took her phone out press rapidly, show the other girl, "there, u see"


Okay, i was quite tired so i didn't catch the whole conversation and it was too fast, but some facts,

-they are definitely below 12,

-they are using cellphones (different times),

-she sigh dramatically <- I mean what was that for!?? I dun have a bf now, do I sigh so loudly in the public? Huh!? Huh!? DO I?? U R ONLY 11!!!

-the use of "... I have to admit.." <-- gosh, do kids these days have to put up a fake facade in school, do they have primary-school-kids-classroom-politics nowadays that you can only confess to ur close friends when u r alone???

I really think kids these days are way complicated then when i was young. And they have lots of drama in them. I blame it to the TVs. Like how can 7 year old tease encourage his uncle to go chase the auntie and tell him she is a nice lady? But that happens in drama nowadays... =S