Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Lesson Learned

Occasionally I wud receive some comments from younger kids on the maturity of my post... and reply saying that's from the extra couple of years i have lived compare to them and take ur time to learn no hurry, the same for me too..

I mean something i believe strongly and write here might still look like a joke to someone who had seen more in life.. and probably few more years down the road myself i wud laugh at my own thoughts too.. but thats growing up i guess.

U see and learned, nvm the foolishness, nvm the silly things, its the right we own while growing up.. Of course, repeated mistake should be avoided, else that wud be called erm.. say.. stupid?


So today, when i had a heated arguement with a friend. During which he realized i was really pissed and started to apologize and explain his behaviour and also kinda confessed something. Which i would have soften if not for him added this one reminder line at the end.

"But just don't go tell anyone"

When u r heated up, u r rightfully allow to be less tolerant isn't it? So immediately I replied,

"U dun have and shud not have told me, especially if u still need to mention the last reminder"

Well, to be fair, many times I myself reminded others to not spread something after i told them about it... And i believe many does that too.. But after I said that myself, I realized how true it was, I mean if u dun trust someone, dun tell them, If u hav decided to trust someone and confess, then dun doubt them, else being the one listening (espcially when u r heated up) it makes one feel offended easily, like if dun trust me, why bother telling? Its not like i need or am interested in it, i didnt even ask u about it..

So i actually learned this little lesson myself, or at least will be more thoughtful of this, if i decided to share something, I will not doubt them (to say "dun tell others k?") else, i just simply wont bother telling..

25 years and still counting... No wonder dad encourages me to read more, its actually an express way to feel more in less time.


Suddenly I missed Ipoh food soo much...

And surprise to see how much longer my hair had grown since then.. haa..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

MY Room, My New Home!

Tonite is probably one of the most exciting and memorable nite for me in years (well apart from the time I flew of to US). Reason being ~ I finally have my own ROOM!!!

A room that truly and totally belongs to me! (Well, as long as I keep paying rent and landlord doesn't kick me out that is) I never had my own room since young. Then my uni days has always been double room in hostel for a simple reason, budget.. Even after I graduated, I am still sharing a room, although we own the whole house but 3 rooms for 6, during that year when job market was bad... so still budget problem. But finally, after nearly 2 years of work life, I earned my own room!! And it has an aircon and double bed too!!! Yay!!!

Not just a room, but a pretty ideal one, 3 mins walk to train station (and really 3 mins, not those agent-say-so-but-in-real-u-have-to-run-to-reach-in-that-time kind of 3 mins). Then it is on the 25th floor,

And this is the view from my room window ^^ ~my definition for living in a big city

Best part, landlord is gay and so is the other tenant, so it makes things much easier... And landlord is super nice.. there is even welcome soup for the move in day!


Space is really one of the thing that I enjoyed most... like I can have one rak for all my Porter bags... It feels like I have a small Porter shop display in my room.. It makes me hyper whenever i look at it,

Gosh, I wanna cry, its just so touching...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Under normal circumstances, my choice has always been Train over Bus. Reason being, 1. I have motion sickness; 2. Bus timing are uncertain. Especially on point 2, i dont like uncertainties in many things. For instances, i dun mind waiting, but do let me know how long i have to wait and not leave me waiting like forever.. that is really something particularly sensitive with me... one of the very few things that pissed me off badly.. (and its proven when i rant so much on this point)

So anyway, I took a bus the other day, cause i was really tired from the extended meeting and i know i will definitely get to sit in the bus. And also i know my stop is the terminal so no concerns for missing my stop.

The journey was like i expected, cooling aircon, little people and quiet in the bus, lengthy journey which allows me to sleep comfortably.. So all the way... till suddenly the surrounding feels warm, and i woke up in shock and realize "F*ck, the bus has completely stopped!" and NO one else was in it!

Though later i realize Luckily the driver was just about to alight, and he said " ahh, u r still in the bus?" when he sees me dashing to the door.. It was really embarassing that i keep on apoogizing and alighted.. If i have slept longer i probably wud get trapped in the bus cause the driver wud have gone out for a break and then everyone at the terminal wud see this awkward scene.. someone trapped in a bus.. =s

Another encounter that makes me feel train over bus is a right choice, the train operators wud chase u out if train is going to stop operating..


William's hubby was giving me negative-neutral feedback on my bro, a conclusion they both reached together..

But i really think he has the naturally good looking features.. even market aunties says he is better looking, like they wud tell my mom both are lengzai but the younger one is taller, so even better looking.. i want to be tall too.. =(
*speaking of which, i am sure jacky chan is not that tall...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Break Up Interview

I saw on tv sometime back about this movie which begins with a Divorce Ceremony. Yup, the exact opposite of a wedding ceremony, friends and family are invited and there will be oath about breaking up and going apart... quite a novelty but is this really a cause for celebration?

Then a recent catch up with ex-colleagues reminds me of my exit interview when i left my previous company, and i was thinking if u can have a divorce ceremony, its not too much to ask for a Break-up Interview right?

So say, exit interview/break-up the HR/bf would ask:

hr: So have you completed all the forms and returned the closet keys and pass?
bf: is there anything left behind in my room? and i dun think you still want my keys right?

hr: Is ur resignation due to another job?
bf: Is there another guy?

hr: Are they offering you more? or better prospect?
bf: He is more goodlooking? or richer?

hr: mind I ask which company is that?
bf: who is that guy?

hr: Is there any feedback you like to give us?
bf: can you tell me what do you think about me honestly?

hr: Have you sign up for Singtel Staff rate? you are still elligible within one month from your resignation and the plan will be valid for 2 years.
bf: Well, u r not too bad on bed so if u have the need u can always come back for some...

Okay, the last one was just crap (the singtel part was real though), but during a break up, we shud hav at least the right to know wats actually going on dun we? be honest for just one last time.. thats all we ask for...


I always talk about escort services as part time...

Then i kinda thought hey, i dont look too out of place in this photo.. all u need is unbutton more.. =p

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Saw 2 interesting 'public' messages today,

First one falls into the category of grafiti, advertisement:

You would think Singapore is strict about grafiti and nvr expect these kind of messages to be found in a toilet in guess where? Orchard Road... (kinda nostalgic, used to see so much in my hometown.. thanks to Joe.. )

Second, just notice we got 4 whole new water cooling system in office,

But i never know water cooling system has gone as far as this.. I mean Vitamin C? Maybe future they will hav one that has botox, another one with collagen, maybe even with bird nest essence..

Monday, February 21, 2011

You see what you think

A close colleague was recently deeply troubled by his gf. Long story short, his gf just came to singapore lately and he has been supporting a huge part of her expenses, $ matters. Point one. They have first met 2 years back when he went back for holiday and she was back for student. Basically started as LDR and only stay and kinda live together 2 months back, point 2.

There ought to be point 3 which is lately he is busy with his master degree work and his gf has some family problem and keep telling him. So guys being guys (especially a single kid which has all the attention from parents) he lost patience... but i kinda think this is related to point 2..

So, there were unhappy arguments and he was sighing in front of me when we came back for some weekend work. Not hard to see where the problem came from. I simply think both have a lot to learn... But the really ironic thing was, a few months back he was telling me how great he thinks of his gf, and all about buying house and getting married.. and now, when i unintentionally told him about our young female colleague who decided to break up with her ex bf because he is going to study in UK, he actually said that was a wise move.

I didnt comment on that point, cause i have seen couples 7 years apart still loving each other while couples who stick together for years breaking up in the end. So its a subjecive matter, and its also a mattter of commitment and maturity of those who deals with it.

But the point is, I realize people see what they want to see. I am sure if i have told my colleague this story 3months back, he wouldnt say it is a wise move to give up on a relationship because of distance. But now when he feel tired of putting up with this girl, he just wished he had given up earlier, prob an easier excuse than to make something up now and look bad on himself.. what you see, is actually what u think. and actually we all know this word.. "Perception"


Knowing that there are many LDR going one, i do feel truly that they deserve encouragment.. sharing a story..

uni friend of mine has a gf whom were his secondary schoolmate.she went to india for medic while he came to singapore for his engineer degree. after he grad, he took up a scholarship to do phd in UK, thats another 4 years apart. But they r still strong together till now..

so i truly feel its the mindset that relly matters, its more than just a feeling, its a choice. Someone gives up easily cause they know they cant commit. Fair enough, its their life, their choice. But if you think it is worth it, then u deserve it too...


Another BKK pics...

Cant remember if i have posted a pic with my mom be4 but here goes.. @ banana house restaurant..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to make sure you get a car?

I attended a session and learn a bit about contracts, or specifically a legal contract..

So according to the speaker, to constitute a contract, there shud be 4 elements,

- Offer
- Acceptance

These 2 forms an agreement, then taking a step further,

- Price of agreement

Meaning there shud be some kind of value exchange on the agreement, such as the most commonly used : deposit

and finally, there should be a "legal consequence" to it...

So the speaker gave these example,


Case 1:
A sales manager promises to give 30% commision to the sales people on every deal they strike. so the sales team went all out and came back with good sales results and the team manager says: "haha, i was just kidding.."

Offer and Acceptance: Every deal with a comm of 30%
Price: Team went out to sell and got results back

can you sue?
answer: yes

Case 2:
Your dad tells you, "son if u study hard and graduate with 1st class honor, i will buy you a car.." and you say okay, and studied real hard and finally graduated with a 1st class honor.
Then on the convocation day, you ask ur dad, "dad, so where's my car?"
and he says, :"Son, now that u hav grad with such good results, u can surely get a good job and buy ur own car.." gives u a pat and walked away..

Offer and Acceptance: Buy a car if grad with 1st class honor
Price: work hard and got it

can you sue?
answer: no - reason: when he says it, neither expect any legal consequnce to it..


Sometimes, these things are kinda interesting to know...

and the lesson learned: you shud always remember to say this when ur dad promises something, "dad, i will sue u if u dun do it" then it completes the requirement!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bangkok Trip - A First

I was browsing thru my brother's fb pics for our Bangkok trip and realize this has to be one i like most...

This picture was taken in the plane. For a start, it shows my family taking a flight to holiday, which is something i cant remember when it last happened. But what makes it really meaningful is it reminds me of how ecited my brother was, cause it is his first time on a plane. He seems so excited and nervous about it.. i was telling him bout how to checkin, wats a boarding pass, how to look at the flight info at airport, waiting area, security check, and he pay full attention on the safety talks and the entire process of waiting for take off, plane moving, and finally taking off, and him looking outside the window all the time, at clouds, the sea, buildings getting smaller and smaller.. then the food, the magazine and everything in the plane was exciting...

It brings back memory of how i flew the first time since i grew up.. and how it felt. But most importantly is the excitment i see on his face, every penny spent was well worth it.. Only regret is i cudnt put them on a better flight like Mas or Thai airline which departs from a real airport like KLIA rather than budget.. hopefully next time...

I really like this photo, all the smiles looks so rewarding now..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Found Favourite

Toastbox "yuan yang" has been on my fav list of drink for a while. But a recent new found fav might be threatening it...

Starbucks Earl Grey Latte...

I have been introduce to the green tea latte by my sec school bestie, taste is nice, and its a nice alternative to coffee from this place. But with coffee and tea, i normally prefer to hav it hot so i actually take my time to savour it rather than gulping down as a thirst quencher.. so one time i tried the hot green tea latte and... sorry starbucks, this is really not my cup of tea.

So until yesterday i did an online survey for starbuck and saw this ad, i realize they hav earl grey latte too.. so i tried it and it was nice.. just simple and nice.

Though, wat makes it really special was because of my first encounter with Earl Grey Tea... My ex knows i like to drink milk tea. Whenever i stay over, he wud offer to make tea for me in the morning. And the first time he made it, they only have earl grey teabags. So that was the first time i tried it. The aroma definitely was really special, but on top of that, it was made by him.. The image of him searching for milk and creamer in the kitchen, measuring the right ugar amount.. then serving it.. putting everything together,naturally it taste much better...

The memory it carries, the unique aroma.. i know i am gonna be addicted to this for a while again...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Material Boy

Many has probably at one point or any fantasize about having this handsome rich guy satisfying the materialistic side of us. Maybe of different scale, some expect houses and cars, while others are just happy with a dinner and movie.

I have definitely heard of her, but being a more chinese-pop person, this is actually the first song that i know about her and again, it has been "the" song in my playlist since yesterday evening.

(I wanted a live version as opposed to MV, except this one is mixed with another song... Material Girl : Beginning 2:15 )

"... You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl..."

For an old woman, she is damn charming with her performance...

...and I am a material boy, specialize in Bag-obsession...


Sick sick sick... sorethroat and I totally lost my voice... I dun wan sorethroat... i wanna sing K... *sob sob*

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine!

To all who has someone to give a hug to on this day, may it be the same for years to come till the end of time.

To all who has someone to think of for this day, may you be able to hug him on all the coming valentines.

To the rest, may this day be special to you in all coming valentines.


Happy Valentine William Zai, Happy Valentine KH, Happy Valentine Skysky and ur dear too... Happy Valentine JJ. And all other friends who drop by to read this... Thank you all and May you have a very very special day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Judgement Day - Feb 14th

Chatted with a friend on facebook yesterday and he said: "It's gonna be valentine soon, feels like Judgement Day"

Well yea, in a way it does feel like it is the day that shows how you have done in the past year in the love-relationship-flirt category.

0 Date : not seeking/ have not found. Just average/below average year

1 Date : Found the one, very fruitful and well behave year. (or could also be lucky to have at least one this year, but lets be positive he mayb the special one)

>1 Dates : Still flirting around. Quite fruitful, but.. happy year? (probably happy only at night hours)

Fish Leong says, when u have met the right person, everyday is valentine, but still, being in that atmosphere, looking at everyone holding hands strolling around... One would still feel like wanting to contribute to the love in the air right?

One more weekend, unless there is miracle... *sniff sniff*


Our first photo of Bangkok trip in the Wifi equiped KLIA express...

I know this pic doesn't do my bro right judgement.. but his bro is the priority.. =p more to come to show his lengzainess though..

Monday, February 7, 2011

We are Fashion Concious?

Gays are typically vain and very self-conscious about our own appearance, or being metrosexual as straight guys are called.. and thus from there, it goes on to constantly making sure we look good and inevitably following (or at least pay a little attention to) stuffs that are happening in the fashion Industry.

If I have snapped a photo of every person using this bag above, I probably have like close to a thousand photo in my phone since last November. Well, to be more precise, bag which is from this label but might come in different size and color. The only standard design is the leather handle and the golden button and zip.

I consider myself having sharp eyes and somewhat photographic memory. If a bag is from a popular label i can normally tell from some signature design. However, this was one bag that I have seen MANY Singaporeans using since end of last year but have totally no idea where it is from, until yesterday. It is like suddenly whole street of people using this bag, it even surpasses the all time favourite LV.

Dun believe that? Yesterday I was having dinner with my bestie colleagues.. and I spotted another girl behind our table using this bag. So i asked her if she has any idea, considering she is a girl and shopped like mad in US, i thought she might know. But nope, she says she has no idea. So later on we went for window shopping in the town and just within a short strecth of less than 500 meters, we spotted like 5 girls holding this bag. And the number keeps adding along the way. Until when we saw about 10 more within the next 30minutes, she was going crazy and swear that she MUST know what brand it is.

And guess what? we eventually did find out what it was!! Simply cause she recalled one of her best friend used this bag too... wat a coincident! (or it is just too popular)

By the end of the evening, I am sure I have at least seen 30 of it within like 4 hours in town. I am not sure if it is just here in Singapore or else where too. But I have definitely seen it in Bangkok too!


So if gay are fashion concious, how gay are u? Do you know what brand this is?

Yes/No ?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

When holding hands is not because of affection

4th day of CNY and i am back in this busy city. Well, shudnt be complaining i guess, at least i am having a cosy evening to myself strolling on street while many are already working... Many of my peers are being sarcastic at our pay raise (and i occasionally rant about the high rent) looking at many others around, i guess it is really a subjective matter how you call ur pay as 'miserable' or 'pathetic'... just like the question of how much money is "enough"

. . .

While walking on street, i saw this caucasians couple who r probably in their 60s, both looks like they r over 180 in height, but the really warm thing is the old man holding the old lady's hand and leading the way. It gives out a feeling that it is just-the-way-it-shud-be.

Many young couples hold hands to show affection for each others, also sometimes we feel it is what couple should do. (the kinda thing that goes with movies, dinner, kissing, m.l. etc) while looking at this couple, i kinda feel how lucky it is, when you holding someone hand is no longer just because of mere affection, but rather a habit that inhibits in u just like u need to eat, sleep and breath.

A very warm sight to start my new year in this small island big city.. Happy Chinese New Year!!!