Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gay clubs

After observing a few weeks, the summary for gay clubs in sg is...

pros: mature guys, well kep body
cons: music sucks!

pros: good music, young and fresh guys..
cons: to many youngster...

pros: ppl of all range sre there... nice music... is for sunday night!
cons: its on sunday night..

depending on ur taste and purple going town..

Friday, July 30, 2010

After 2 Months and 28 Days

A friend asked how the blog got its name (only He and L know i guess..). It is something like a continuation, yet a hope for a new chapter from...

A significant part in my life... It marks how it started, and gradually how it ended... though not as i expected... but well, life is unpredictable..

Happy weekend friends..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Year

Very very emotional... but just this one nite...


Time really flies, this time last year was my convocation, I can still remember how I just gotten my first job, but the stingy company doesn't pay until the very last day, and also the parttime I worked in June keep avoiding me and doesn't pay me even it is only less than 500 bucks... and my mom and bro would have been gone by the time the money reaches me... Luckily you were there... You loan me money to take them to nice restaurant, even better, you accompanied us for 2 nites... It really felt so close at that time... really really close after what happen in May, for the first time I am feeling something stronger...

But I guess, something weren't meant to be... although who would have thought, my mom still remembers you and always ask.. and I can only awkwardly lie that yea we still have dinner occasionaly.. probably she sensed something changes too, a friend she actually thought i have dinner with every nite, now only meet up once a while...

I am really grateful of the support u had given me, the time I don't have a job, the time I am really broke till I have to sell off my laptop and take up part time job, be it emotional support or financial support..

Now after one year, I am in a much better position, with a good job, and financially more able.. but now, I am unable to share all this with you... or I should say I am no longer in the position to be sharing this happiness with you.. Remember how i say i am not a devoted person? but still, not a nite i sleep without praying that you will find your true happiness, I may not be the one, but i truly hope... that someone will love you even more, I guess you will know it, when between the 2 of u, u think less of "me" and more of "us"....

take care... and again.. thanks for the one year... i grew a lot...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blank Day

Although sleeping at nite should be the natural thing for us, and I indeed sleep through the nite without much problem, only occasionally waking up in the nite for toilet, but somehow, something doesn't feel right.

It was okay in the morning, but after lunch, the feeling that I dunno what i am doing become very frequent. Like a lot of time i loose focus, and feels blank.. till I have to shake my head hard and try to recall what was happening...

I guess my biological condition hasn't really adjusted back, and the sleep i had in the night is more of because i force myself by accumulating the tiredness... arrrhh.... maybe sky is right... it is a zombified life.. and 2 weeks from now i have to adjust back...

But the worst thing.. I lost my VOICE!!! and i am suppose to go sing K this weekend!!!!


Whatever it is, be it sweet, bitter, happy or upset, all first time experience are unforgettable... Do you remember all the first times? All those u had together... AM sure it will never be forgotten, if you really love him...

Wish I could sing this by this Sat...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Shocked

I am still experiencing Morning-Train culture shock. For once, I am learning to appreciate how one can casually walk into a train and really not complain about not having a seat. This is really a "civilise" scene compare to the morning time where people have to fight and squeeze and push and to the extend the door cudn't close and people have to push harder and even that, you can only watch from far behind for this to happen on 3 consequtive trains and you are still standing at the platform praying the next will be less crowded...

I am still traumatized by the thought that tmr morning this will happen again. I probably need therapy after 2 weeks of this...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is this legal?

You may associate labels like Gucci with anything like luxury cars, cuisines, cool models, movie stars, anything but probably not a lady squeeze up in train and struggling to holdon to her bag with one hand while the other to a bar to avoid falling..

can't imagine that? well look below..

I mean is this even legal? Doesn't Labels like this make u sign some kind agreement that says something like "we reserve the right to sue if the owner does something that hurts the image of their product (e.g. makes it look cheapo)"?


Then i was at cheers buying my orange juice for the day, and i saw this lady and i was like.. "oo crimson red LV wallet, not the typical monogram.. nice... then look forward down.. wow, coach bag, classic monogram boring but still not bad.. further down.. eeeeewww.... old worn out laptop bag... grey color and u can see stain on it.. gosh..

The thing is.. people here are obsessed about labels, but most people dont realize how they are not making themselves look better with it, rather just someone who buys cause other are buying it.. not truely appreciating the item itself..

When the Vampire sees the sunlight

It dies...

Well, technically vampire are not consider living things, so it cannot dies, more like vanish... but well the idea is, it is torturing!!!

I had a morning-culture shock, from the horrible train crowd and the way people fight their way into the train... then the office is full of people (okay, i know this sounds weird but i had been in an environment that is so empty for half a year... pardon me for being weird) and then after work was equally scary, and we have to dress formal... Worse of it.. my biological clock is telling me something is not right... i shud be sleeping when our trainer is giving lecture and asking questions... It all feels so so wrong now...

Argh.... We belong to the nite!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tell Me This?

An English song by a taiwanese singer, very original and nice... Do listen, it is really nice and highly recommended, by me... =p
It is something I look forward to hearing from someone, "CP, Let's start from here..."

~Joanna Wang, Let's Start From Here...


Tomorrow will be back to day shift again, for 2 weeks... very, very, very tiring to adjust the hours...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Drink n Drunk

I am defin"tely a lousy drinker, thats for sur4e.. but at times when we go clubbing, somehow i still got for a alcoholic drink, i mean i dun even like it... but everytime i still order the same thing...

Maybe the drinking part is not easy but being drunken, u really get to think less.. getting headache and thus easily sending u to sleep withought much thoughts.. aprobably that's why people like to get drunk? to escape the real world for a few moments?

Sat nite, drunken and still alone...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sagi's Love

A girl says: " Okay, luckily you are not a Sagitarius, they are the most playful lover, never loyal..."

That is NOT true! At least not 100% true.... At least not on this Sagi writing here...

Yes, from a point that at any one point, a Sagi might have good feelings towards a few guys (in this Sagi's case) but that's because he hasn't been able to find the conforting feeling, or the assurance from any of the guys.

For me, how I like a person is when i feel comfortable with his appearance, his personality, I am attracted to something unique of him. But a Sagi cares a lot about how the other find about him too, he wants to know if he is unique to the other person too or at least the other person is feeling good about him too... Maybe the Sagi is not too confident about himself, that the other might just be friendly, thus a Sagi seeks around for the kind of assurance. But he knows he is still willing to keep in touch with this person cause he is still unique to him, and the feeling is there. But the seek will not stop.

Not until a person gives the Sagi the feeling, the assurance he is seeking. That he makes the Sagi feels he is truely special and important to the person. And then, the Sagi will loyally cut the other ppl off his life, and give him all the attention, the love, the passion he has for the person. That's when you see how a Sagi truely gives his love and loyalty to the unique person to him.

Everyone can be unique to Sagi, cause everyone is different. You can easily wins a Sagi's attention or u will see other does it as well. But to have the Sagi's loyalty, make him feel you are the worthy one.

That's how a Sagi loves. That's how this Sagi loves...


This is a question you will never have to ask a Sagi.. reason being, he will never be confused, not at any one time... until he feels he is no longer worthy in your life, he moves one...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 against 1, "You win lo!"

I remember when i was in primary 6 i took part in this english story telling which my final line was, "United, we stand; Divided, we fall..."

*claps claps* and that won me a silver prize for second place.. my first ever in schools...

And yesterday i was refreshed by an incident on how meaningful this is.. I have been hunting for studio flat since 2months ago and only manage to find units around 900 and even that quickly taken.. so yesterday i sacrificed my sleep to view this one which has a window facing clarke quay river and can see fireworks and only 10 plus min of walk from chinatown. condition was really okay for that kind of flat, clean and not much stain... fully furnished.. it was asking for 1k but my agent was nice enough to negotiate when i ask for 750. miraculously, the owner agreed! probably cause i am living alone.. later on he was driving me to take cash for the advance and agent fee.. and when we r back, the unit was taken by another group of ppl who offered 1k... bloody hell!!! why do they have to be there!!! and there r 4 of them...! come to think of it is only 250 each...

if only i have one more person with me.. i could easily top that... =( but fair enough for the landlord i guess.. just it was really a good opportunity that they actually at one point agreed.. *sniff sniff*

sigh... yan doa har yan siu...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Love My Boss

Good bosses are rare always, after what i have been thru in my previous sg based but indian oriented company with a sucker boss... all the more i truly appreciate a reasonable boss...

So it was a team meeting, my boss was reminding us he will be away next week and ask if he shud have the weekly meeting or cancel it.. then someone says,

"dave, well... although we very much like to talk to u and look forward to meeting u... but... " in a dramatic tone.

"hey, i thought i heard sarcasm there.. " my boss said..

and everyone was laughing out loud.. he is the kind of really cool boss that u know u can joke on him..

then... halfway thru the meeting, he was reminding that there will be an employee satisfactory survey soon,

" so just to give u guys a head up that this is coming.. and... now repeat after me, 'i love my boss!'... "

again, a blast of laughter...

and lastly, we have to go back to normal hours next monday for 2 weeks of training. and he just say, "cp, i leave it up to u but u have my permission to not have to sign-on on friday.." how cool is that!

this is the kind of boss that everyone would love isn't it? never question ur hours of work as long as u can complete.. and always there to listen to ur problem and being understanding. most importantly, he says thank you and sorry, u might be surprise but these words dun usually come in asian culture, not from the higher position ppl typically..

so yup.. I Love My Boss!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay, being an emotional animal obviously it is unlikely I am going to talk about electronic devices or software systems although I am IT person...

Does a couple really need to be compatible in several aspects to be able to live together? Or asking it in another way, does 2 people from different education back ground, educational back ground, social circle suffers a lot when they try to be together? Or it is unlikely it will last at all?

It kinda ponder my thought cause being from Malaysia and even with Singaporeans, sometimes I feel there is a different in expectations and the way we look at life. That's just a very general scope, but it really says about the education environment, the people around, and growing up in a country that has higher standards in many way. But that's still fairly general if you compare to the status of 2 person like from a rich and ordinary family. Or one highly educated while the other just finish secondary school...

Many say wat's most important in a relationship is the communication. But what one says is what one thinks, and many times, how one thinks comes again from the way one is brought up and education. Is it fair to say that?

But there are also another part of it like the people that influence the person, or the personality that is born within a person. He might not be well educated due to many reasons, probably the family condition or soemthing. But he can still have a kind heart, a positive thinking and generous personality, compare to many educated yet selfish person, at least this is a good side as a soulmate?

I am not sure I have seen any really different people (in terms of background) coming together... I have only seen a straight couple, my uni friend in a rs with a chef, but it didn't work out eventually. So it kinda leaves me wondering IF the ability to be compatible has really such great influence?


A personal preference, I love this contestant's performance, all the time..

I guess, in love if our faith and commitment for each other is strong enough, it will definitely survive... I will survive!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

'Living' in a big city

The thing about big cities is theyr really convenient. I say 'Living' cause i was thinking bout the possibilities of living in a city like this but not having a room or house.. possible?

Something happen which makes me ponder on this possibilty.. I have been away from my room or house for more than 24 hours... let see how that happens.. I went out for dinner...then meet up with friends and went clubbing, then it was almost 3am, so i crash at their place. then next day i was suppose to go home shower then sing k with a friend.. but i overslept.. =s

So what happen was i decided to go to the place immediately.. then what about my shirt? okay i got a new T from zara sincee they r having sales.. (i got more than one but then they r having sales!!!) then i decided to go to my gym to use the shower facilities since it is just nearby.. so that solve my showring problem.. =p

After that i feel fresh and clean again.. then now is another nite out.. =p

Okay, i know it is too weak an example to proof the theory, but imagine i have 14 friends who wants to catch up every fortnight.. then i have gym storage and shower facilities.. abd company locker too.. and then laundry services.. putting it altogether, it doesnt sound that hard in a city like this doesn't it?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Local Delight - 2

Another local brand.. this one has an extra purpose.. which is whenever i think i need a boost when i dun have enough sleep.. (e.g. merely 2 hours since this morning after work) and next is dinner and probabl all nite event, i go for it.. not sure if it is just a mentality thingy cause i kinda feel i am immune to coffee since long time. but well, it makes me feel better..

So another local brand that makes it to my recommended list.. Yuan Yang from Toastbox.. is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than the average hawker or food court (which they like to dilute with 20% water for dunno wat reason.. eeewwww... and yucks...)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Local Delight

Talk about "local" food here, i find that usually those in restaurant or in local franchise are usually better than the average u get from hawker centre.. maybe we dunno where the really good ones are but at least those I have tried are... well.. average... (or below)

This is one of my recent favourite.. and by favourite it means i would be eating at least 4 days a week, (like toastbox). The pancake that is fresh and warm is really delicious. So far I have only tried peanut and tuna. Peanut, the one i ate was cold and have very little filling, thus it is out. Tuna on the other hand has been the flavor i am sticking too till now. They also have egg mayo, which sounds really sinfully delicious... well till i get bored with tuna i guess..

Mr. Bean one of the local franchise that is actually quite good... One advice if u are coming to Singapore for holiday, try the Branded food, usually there is a smaller chance they can go wrong... Like Crystal Jade, Toastbox... Avoid unknown hawker centres and ordinary food court... even those can be a nightmare...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Love u, i Love U

Not a love entry for anyone... I wished.. but there is no one to receive.. not yet at least...

It is never a fair world when you fall for someone who doesn't admire you. Probably it is destined I for U and i for u, but sometimes fate just like to play jokes on us... letting the pairs meeting and one admiring another but can never will end up together.

Sometimes, you would know that there is no point trying, but yet giving up seems to be harder than listening to the true voice your heart is telling you. I wonder why? Sometimes I doubt if i am born with this tendency to torture myself??


The only moment that my heart feels relief, is when i can cry loudly into the songs...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How do you know?

Despite you keep telling urself no, no.. dont think like that, dont let that happen.. but ur heart just never follows.. does it?

And how do you know if you are truly hurt? I guess you will know it, cause every time you accidentally think about it, it hurts you as if it just happens... Some wounds are harder to recover than others... right?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KL: Bitch Story

Okay, I know it is rude to use words like that but what this lady does, really annoys me to the max..

B (for Bitch) : The student service personnel from IMU

It all started when we realize my brother's room is a triple sharing and not double. (later on my other cousin bro who drove my brother to IMU on their open day says he heard the lady said that too, a double sharing, at least to my brother she said that!)

Me: I would like to check how come my brother's room is a triple sharing and not double as what we agreed to pay for.

B: Oh, sir actually it is because the landlord suddenly take back the unit, so we only have this left, but the house is a penthouse and the room is very big, so we can fit in more. Usually room 2 ah, the one for double sharing is smaller, and that's why we charge the same...

(Her phone rang and she speaks in malay for a while, ask me to wait.. )

Me: It is not the money or space that matter, what i mean is privacy, 3 person means more disruption and interruption.

B: Yes I know sir, but u see, room 2 is smaller, so this house ah, is a penthouse, got 2 storey and we give your brother the master room, it is bigger so the space is the same..

(BLOODY HELL!!! I just said the space is not the main concern and she repeated that!)

Me: No, it is not the space like i say it is the privacy, and when we paid we were told it is a twin sharing. Is there no other room available?

B: Sorry la (without a bit of sincerity in the apology), but I told your brother it is 3 person sharing...

Me: But my brother say he was told it is a twin sharing.. (anyway he is in a talk at that time)

B: No, I told him it is double...

(Then her bloody phone rang again, this time she light up with a big smile on the face)

B: Oo, tan sri... (something like that, not sure if i spelt it correctly) your daughter is coming ah.. sure sure... no problem.. hahahaha...

(haa ur f*cking head, I feel like slamming her head on the wall behind her at that moment, but lucky for her i was brought up with extreme good EQ)

(Then she turned to some assistants, 2 guys there)

B: Tan Sri's daughter is coming, dua orang ya.. (and then bla something else which i cudn't quite catch, but shud be preparation.)

B: Oh yes,, sorry yea, where are we..

Me: I am saying if u still have double room?

(She check the list, then I spotted on with a vacancy and pointed it out)

B: Oh, that one is for the scholar (they get to live for full 3 years) and he will come in in August.

Me: So can't my brother stay in this double room? then the scholar stay in the triple sharing since we are suppose to get twin sharing?

B: Sorry la.. that room is for scholar, really cannot.

(Then 3 girls walked in, obviously 1 or 2 are daughters of the Tan Sri, she turn to them happily with a mega smile on her face)

B: Hello~~~.. there there.. go there and join them.. (excitedly pointed at the group my brother is in)

Me: But I am suppose to get twin sharing, that was what you charged us for. And you never notify by email or anything.

B: I understand, I can fully refund you..

(yea right, and my brother has to look for a place when the school starts like next week?)

Me: Okay, never mind then, it is so rush now. We will take it for a sem.. Just want to clarify.

(obviously the last sentence was to ease things up, afterall my brother might need some service from their department)


I cant believe the student service is so not professional, answering private phone calls when someone is making a complain, and doing all this ridiculously unfair stuffs!! Scholars get priority, Tan Sri get priority, rich ppl get priority!!! For god sake we are paying school fees too!!!

That bloody hell of a woman is really annoying... Such a BITCH!!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

KL: Love Story

Definitely not my affair, i mean story... But within a short 2 day trip, something I see that has given some thoughts..

The two days in KL, my cousin brother offered us to stay at his place because it is near IMU and secondly they are free to drive us around. So my mom accepted the offer instead of my Cititel proposal. (Which was a really bad decision because 3 of us ended up having to squeeze on 2 bedsheet together in my cousin brothers room with him and his gf, due to some unforeseen circumstances, but it was a crap one) O, well...

Anyway, this is the first time I seen my cousin's gf, which actually is kinda awkward, for her, for us. Not that we dun like her or anything but simply because everyone (including herself) is councious that she was there because my cousin dumped his 8 year relationship gf for her. She approach my cousin and say that she doesn't mind being the 3rd party.

Is she prettier than the previous? My mom, everyone else says yes.. but ermm... not exactly to me i guess, (but then again, you are asking a gay guy, so expect standard to be really high) Is she friendly, nope, definitely not as the ex. Is she nice to my cousin? Maybe.. maybe she knows how to pleased and control him and make him choose her over the ex? Or maybe my cousin is simply bored with the ex..

Well anyway, I am just trying to point out that there isn't much comparison to be done. No one triumphs 100% over the other. But the winner is obvious in this game. In fact who is the one that should be blame? From a monogamous relationship point of view, my cousin bro. But from a emotional point of view, i guess no one? So what if my cousin bro never ask for break up? His heart has already cross the boundary.. he is no longer a loyal and faithful soulmate to her.. Even if he remains, does the heart really accept him as he is? For my cousin, I have seen the way he speaks to his ex and the new girl. The former, like talking to his assistant, or the kind of man who is bored with the wife. The latter, light voice, light tone, cooing words, sweet jokes and teasing each other... It is obvious that the ex is no longer the one he cares or bother if she is happy or not. The new one is everything in his life, the ex.. probably just a guilty feeling that is keeping him beside her and once a while, hugging her as if saying, "I am sorry babe, but i really dun love you anymore, thanks for your 8 years of companion, for being with me when I just came out to work, for living with me even when I am earning only 800 a month, when I only have a bike, for going through the most difficult time. Now that I am doing well, earning more than 4k a month, i have my own car, I really hope I could share all these with you, but my heart tells me you are not the one..."

That's it... 8 years. And that particular nite, I woke up in the middle of the nite (cause my nite shift effect) and saw the new girl turn over and hug my cousin, then my cousin hugs the girl tightly back. I love to ask my ex to hug me too. Yup, i have to "ask" for it. Looking at what happen to my cousin, it kinda makes me wonder, sometimes I like a person because he is good looking, he is the "kind" of guys I like, but most of the time, when i say "kind" i am still rather superficial, it means how he looks. And to them, probably I am not too bad, but not the best either. And since I am readily available... why not? But just like how easily the ex can be replaced.. You are never treasured, even if you give all your heart, your life to that person... But you never own his heart...

Someone once did that, he hugs me tightly after I came back from Malaysia, maybe he thought it was a relief that the bus didn't crash, or he really misses me a lot at that time. Whichever reason, the hug was real.. a tight and compassionate hug that makes me thought I was the luckiest person... Maybe it was my mistake that i never notice that doesn't happen anymore.. that something is fading... Maybe hugging you is a good sign that he still loves you...

I guess from now on, I will fall for a guy who hugs me even if i never ask for it... this at least shows that he really wants to own me, in some way?

2 Days and 2 Nights

That's how bout the amount of time I was in KL or more precisely Serdang/Sri Petaling and 2 hours @ Mid Valley... ( Though I am still not sure bout the boundaries of "KL" )

Sending my brother off to Uni kinda makes me realize how my parents felt when I first went to the Uni. It is like finally your kid who has been staying with you all these long while is gonna be on his own journey alone to a new place. In fact I do feel a little worried about him, afterall KL is not as safe as Singapore, so I try to get as much settle for him as possible, like his touch n go, his mobile broadband which i sign up just today 2 hours before my bus departure... all the things he needed for schools...

Come to think of it.. he should be learning to settle all these things on his own.. =p

Am I being over-protective? Gosh i feel my mom is taking it much better than I am, at least she went thru this once (i.e. when I left home for sg)

Anyway.. it is pretty much himself from now, that's as much as I can do... Just hope everything will be fine...


Work tonite... and I am feeling soooooo tireeeeeddd........ need extra strong caffeine...

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Beginning

Five years ago, that was my mom sending me to NTU, a totally new journey to a stranger's land. I was totally kampung boy going to big city... Year 1 i know nothing but study, year 2 i am a honarary-general secretary having meetings and events every single week in the school terms, but still not much of fun life. Year 3 i ran away to Shanghai and it opened up my mind to the world, then i know Esprit, Year 4 i know zara, topshop, Levis, aldos, braun buffel, agnes b, ck, LV, gucci, prada, burburry, kielhs, biotherm, vichy, loreal sk-II, etc etc.. and after i graduate.. i guess i know how to spend money... =p (okay kidding kidding..)

Finally it is my brother's turn.. Will be sending him off to Uni and hopefully he really enjoys his years there and make the most out of it..

For myself.. a breakaway to KL! Not too bad i guess since this is probably like just the 10th times i have been to our own country capital city..

sai lou, ga yao la!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Be more grateful?

I have been hunting for a cheap studio flat lately. So yesterday evening (before work) i went to view one of the studio flat posted on properties ad. On entering the flat i saw four person in the small living room (owner partitioned it, was suppose to be an open concept in these kind of flat). then as i check the 'room' there was another man in it. So I came out of it and the agent was explaining,

Agent: " Ahh , it look crowded and messy now cause there are five of them living here, after you cleared up a bit ah, it will be very nice, got aircon some more..."

(What!! 5 person in that studio flat!!! there are 6 of us and our place is at least 3 times bigger)

Me: " Err.. yea, i think so.. " (Actually I didn't quite like the whole place, so wasn't really so enthusiastic at that time)

Agent: "So are you living alone? or with someone"

Me: " yea alone.."

The agent stare at me for a while *bout 10 second* (okay obviously she wasn't expecting that answer.. which fair enough i guess cause the asking rental was 900 and it is actually not cheap by average standard)

Then I notice the agent wasn't the only staring, the tenant a lady which after we chat later was also from ipoh (in fact most of the tenants are from Ipoh), was also staring at me, she repeated the question and i awkwardly say "yea" then i decided to look away pretend to check the toilet and kitchen and when i face back to them she was actually still looking at me in disbelief..

I just smile at her and decided to leave. Well, didn't really take it up eventually cause there are like 12 more "groups" of ppl viewing and some obviously couples, so 900 should be easily affordable if you are sharing. But for me, that house is not worth it, especially not when there is no chance of bargaining at all.. So case close.

But what made me jolted this down is more for something that happen later.

Another gossip in the company, some of our colleagues has been complaining to a management level guy that we are not paid at "market rate". It spreads through the entire management level and then it came back down as a "reminder" we shouldn't be discussin out pay so openly.

Whoever that joker is, he (i dun think it is a she) obviously is an idiot. We just get our pay raise for around 25% in May, and now they are asking for more? We are not even doing real work yet, still pretty much on training. How can some people be so greedy? Look at the family at the studio flat, 5 person living in a flat that cost 900. We are actually living pretty comfortably here. There is no denial that Singapore has a lot of wealthy people but still, for our experience, for the kind of work we are doing and the "comfort" level, I really can't imagine there are people who are still not happy about it.

Honestly... I know we should be ambitious, and set high standards and goals, but still.. learn to appreciate at the same time...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Maybe i am not that good at guessing what someone else is thinking, or maybe I simply went through quite a few bad experience that I no longer dare to trust my own feelings. Thus whenever I feel interested in a guy, I would try to seek more signs. Which actually sometimes when I think back, yea, it seems kinda blunt and tactless to be "asking" and it kinda spoil the feeling of something that maybe growing... But on the other hand, I am still kinda scare of the reading the wrong sign, thinking it is, putting more feelings and expectations but turn out someday u get lesser calls or messages from him and when you ask he says he is not into it...

How can you tell if someone is keen on you? and not just being friendly?? Are there some general guidelines? Like if he try to kiss you, or if he didn't what does that says? or if he doesn't reply your message that often... but yet sometimes he would send something friendly or lovely? How does all these signs suppose to be interpreted? (okay, i sound totally like some 13 y/o falling in love and asking stupid questions, this is ridiculous..)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You run, I run

Every morning I will go thru 2 interchange in order to reach my station. One of it requires a bit of walk and something interesting happen...

I was walking to the platform of another train line in the first interchange, there is a corner where u have to turn into to take a lift up to the next platform. And there is a electronic display at the lift which shows the time the next train arive. However u have to reach at least the junction in order to see the time for next train.

So what happen was there was this school boy in front of me who was at the corner, he look up at the display and immediately dash forward. so that probably says his train is there or will be very soon. almost immediately after the boy start to dash forward, i heard a loud footstep behind me, another uncle in his 40s or 50s also rush passed me to the junction. But once he reached and look up at the time, he slowed down and was walking slowly again. why? cause the boy is going to another direction and the old uncle's train (which i later notice is my direction) has not arrived yet.

From a symphathy point of view, this is how stressful living in this city is, not even able to spare a few minutes for the next train. (notice he has to climb a flight of escalator steps before he can reach the platform, so even if he runs there is still no guarantee)..

From a sarcastic point of view, welcome to kiasu land... where you run, i run.. and figure why i need to run later..

Monday, July 5, 2010

KL Trip

Sunday nite was suppose to be my day time. Thus no matter how hard i tried, i still cudn't sleep... and then... Monday morning, a conference call meeting (just listening, but drop halfway.. =p) then some preparation for KL trip... so still no sleep till 3pm.. getting the 'sick' feeling again.. =s


Will be sending off my bro to his uni finally.. phew... after all the worries, he is finally in... so went to change some ringgit and preparaing to spend money again (almost everytime i go back to malaysia there is this feeling.. 'splashing' money, but feels good =p) and furthermore guess since i missed out mom's birthday in june.. all the more shud have good meal in kl.. as it will be a while till i go back to Ipoh.

( william.. any nice suggestion? mainly shud be around bukit jalil, midvalley and mines resort.. thinking of taking my family to some nice meals.. appreciate ur suggestion =) )

Sat morning after work travel to jb to get a bus to kl, then monday coming back from kl and work at nite.. but at least it shud be all about eating and sleeping =p.. and i shud need the latter a lot judging by the travel timings.. (seems like i am always lagging that e.g. only 10 hours in total over the weekend.. hopefully i wont faint on train later..)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sunday

When my primary school English teacher first introduce us to articles, she says this: " 'The' is for something special, unique, or you are refering to a particular one of a kind... For example, The Sun, The Moon, The boy you like etc..."

Thus The Sunday July 04, 2010.

When you least expect something, the greater the surprise will be... For a start, when i was opening the box I wasn't expecting aything like this, not even a Diamond ring would have given me this much of surprise (not that I always get diamond rings but at least it feels more common than this thing..)

YES!!! It is the LOVE keychain from Sex and The City the movie. Which Louise from St. Louis first have it, then got married and gave to Carrie and Carrie got married too.. And Now I have it!!!!!!

Okay I have been blogging about it previously when i watch the movie over one of the early Monday morning (3am) cause i have nothing to do on Sunday nite. But despite I say I should get one, and William agree and ask me to get it first and get the guy later... I never really thought I would land my hand on one. For one, it never cross my mind that they will produce it as a movie merchandise, and then even I have thought of it, this movie was like a year ago... So, the moment I open up the box and saw it, it was one of the biggest surprise I had in a while. In fact I am not sure when was the last time I felt so stunned opening up a present and having a dumb-struck look on my face (guess that's the 'thank you' for the person who give this to me.. it is a really exclusive stunned look i hardly have)... but it was really pleasant.. really really pleasant surprise ^^

The LOVE aside, the evening was really nice and cozy.. easy chat, nice dining, nice stroll along the river... All in all, it was one of the best Sunday evening I had for a long while...

The Sunday...


A photo I have taken a while ago.. Ever tried restraining from stiring your latte foam? If you do, expect something like this when you endure towards the end..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

One evening down, one more to go

Finally almost at the end of my Sat.. Pretty much a combination of ppl and places, not the simplest combination, but managed it..

The Who: couple and another single friend (2 groups)
The When: 5 to 10.45 couple friend, 10.45 to 11 walk to next place, 11 to 2 the other single friend, 2 to 3 night rider
The where: city hall-dinner, shopping then orchard-shopping, tea with couple, cineleisure-movie with other friend
The how: nite rider

Typical evening? pretty much... now one more sunday evening to go...

2.40am nite rider, still alone...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Again

Weekend again, not sure if this is considered weird, I actually still have my weekend-phobia. Okay, it is weird indeed, who doesn't like weekend? But somehow having to think of something to do arranging appointments with friends and last minute cancellation and backup plans are really tiring.. even worse than a normal day where i wake up, go gym, go toastbox have my dinner and coffee-book session then on to work in a peaceful night..

Weekend somehow feels more complicated... Like for instance,

The Who: Which friend, have to chat availability
The When: from what time to what time, whether midnight available or someone else (back to the Who)
The Where: Shopping malls, dinners place (before 10) Clubs, Bars or Movies (after 10), again a factor combine with the who and the when if the who not available after the when and doesn't want to go to the where.
The How: Okay, this one not so much of a problem, movie night rider, clubs, night rider if not drunk, else cab (or if too lazy to walk 15 minutes and suddenly feel like i am filthy rich now)

And Sunday nite I feel so sick to even think....

Sure missed those days where i have Someone palce to go, and let him bother bout where to go... or just happily stay in room and watch a movie... simple, yet happy cause you have the Someone...

O well...


The Asian version, a duet I have been expecting since last week...

~Because you love me, I am everything I am~

Definitely in my K-list...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


One of the most difficult thing in gay social networking is how to get to know someone. Someone in the scene (eg. clubbers, drinkers at bars) would probably find it easier because they go around the places, get to know people, friends' friends etc... The rest (eg. Me) would depend highly on the internet. Anyway, that was how i get to knew Someone.. even thinking back.. the first encounter was still one of the sweetest things that ever happened to me.. So not really a bad way...

Except, it takes a lot of luck and time and dissapointment until u bump into someone that feels right.

E-Dating, or electronic dating, is what I call when you keep talking to someone over MSN, SMS, E-mails, or any messaging service on ur computers, handheld devices.. The good thing, it can happen almost anytime anywhere and you really get to know someone in terms of personality, how he presents himself, the things he say.. a more intellectual side of someone. The down side? which also is the biggest problem is you NEVER see this person in real be4. I know this sounds shallow, but physical attraction, the way he is in real life does play a part in the feeling for someone doesn't it? it has to feel right before anything more can go on...

One of the most painful encounters I had is probably chatting with someone over a whole week and he was the one who is really keen... until we meet up, i am the keen one but he just felt i was different from his expectations... So it was rather sad after all the sweet things happening over the air in the past week.. suddenly someone who likes you doesn't anymore...

The more this happen, the more i have a bad feeling doing it.. and there is always the fear that when you see the real person, everything changes.. and then it makes you feel like to be more reserved and not put too much hope or good feeling into this person... but still, that seems to be the way to get to know someone..

Wish me luck?


The Original..

You were my strength when i was weak...
You saw the best that was in me...
You gave me faith cause you believe...
I am everything I am because you loved me...

What more can we ask for, when you have this someone... cherish always, the one who love you..