Sunday, January 31, 2010


No particular meaning to the title, the word six-o-logy from JJ's last album came to my mind...

6th Day of official unwell. I probably should go to the doctor tomorrow. Gosh suddenly the headache is back. And i dun even know what went wrong on dinner. I actually vomitted when I was back at home. Is it because i was wearing a cap or because the hairband is strecthing my hair too hard or i got motion sickness again from the stuffy train..?

Headache ahh!!!!!!!


A song from the sixology album, solo version by JJ himself, sweet...

p.s. not exactly dimple but well... at least my colleague thought it was =P

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Sick" series : 5. A day like P*g

Ooo Sooooooooooo cute~~~

This morning, I went out for a breakfast then went to raffles hospital to collect my report. After that came home around 1pm feeling tired and went to sleep after a shower( I am sick, so naturaly i feel tired and need rest) wake up around 4pm... had a late and light lunch.. after that feel tired and bored so sleep again =p wake up at nearly 8pm then browse the net, and went for a light supper with my friends (i didn't had dinner :$ ) and now... hmm sleep again?

I suppose what they do are mainly, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat again, and mating ( once a while)

Gosh, we are so alike :$ ... I mean we are cute .. then sleep a lot (ahem.. i am sick!) eat (only light meals actually!)... but I am still better because i went to get my health report, I bet they can't do that. And I also did some laundries and shower. And they probably need other ppl feeding too!

Why am i comparing myself to p*g... gosh, i am so sick...


I like this song since the first time I heard it on the radio. Jolin Tsai pop songs are always the dance hits. But personally I like her slow songs, only this is an exception (but still not a dance hit). I like the Music Video, the place they shoot it. I am not sure where it is but I would really want to go to some places like that. And definitely with someone special... Imagine, tour around Europe together, travel on train, holding hands anytime anywhere and no one cares. In fact, I am sure strangers wouldn't think it is indecent or embarassing, rather 2 sweet guys that would make other jealous...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cough -> Headache?

I don't remember ever experience coughing and feeling headache at the same time. It's like everytime i coughed, i feel a pain in the head. My admin assistant (i mean my boss's assistant) who was an ex-nurse told me it is possible because of some pressure and thing there... so.. hmm...

gosh... it feels so bad to sleep in fan... Now i miss my home, where there is aircon and feels much better. Is like u can just hide in ur thick blanket and feel warm, not like now, if under blanket it is hot, without blanket it feels cold... (okay, i know i am pampered at home... but still it really feels good)

I want to have my "home" ... God, when will you grant it to me, a family, a home in this big city, small island...


I am very sure I have posted this song before, but I was trying to find a song, to show that even being a 傻瓜, as long as you have tried your best, gave ur best and love to the best of your capability, you should have no regrets.

His voice, the lyrics, the song, the MV, I never knew this song until very recently (though it is really old), but I really fell for it. Not every story has a beautiful ending, but the memory is unique, someone was once special in your heart, you will always be proud of it. Because you have loved with no regrets...


*L, 我们都难免当过傻瓜,爱过,伤过,疯过,才会让我们更坚强,也更懂得在遇见对的人时,更珍惜。只要问心无愧,自己尽了力,那就足够了。剩下的就是只要在对的时候,对的地方,遇见对的人,你就会是一个幸福的傻瓜。

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still sick =(

*Sniff sniff*

No, that's no crying, just my runny nose for the entire day. Gosh the way i cough and keep sneezing is really horrible feels like i have H1N1 or something (do I?)...

Everything was pretty much the same in office, and although there has been a project grouping going on while i wasn't there, my 2 fav colleagues included me (gosh, i am so touched, they never forget about me... *sniff sniff* -this is sobbing.. )

Other than that nothing special except i missed gym session again for thursday. But then again how was i suppose to go? Unless i am trying to kill myself =s.

After falling sick, i start to think about the question of myself being "independent" or to make it frank, how dependent i am, or i want to be. Then it just makes me really consider soemthing I never gave a serious thought about... 4 more months and our contract with the landlord will end. Seems like the landlord might want to shift back themselves. Then we will be moving. On one hand i really like my housemates, everyone is nice and really get along well. Except for my best friend who really changed a lot, especially when it comes to chiasin. sigh... his double standards is really annoying at times.. but well... Then my other "friends" was asking if i want to shift in with them, as having "something" in common maybe convenient to live. That would happen if i can find someone to share a room. But the "someone" is the big problem naturally, like who? But then again, what they say is quite true, it is more convenient. And at times when i am sick, there will be this someone to buy me food, take care of me, measure the temperature, nag on me when i forgot to take medicine and everything, so sweet......


Who hasn't been a fool in love, unless he has never been serious. From I was 18, till i was 21 and finally now 24+ and looking at the people around, I guess i can say we all started with the purest of heart to love. To want to find the perfect one and give him everything we got. It was simple, naive but purely beautiful, a naive fool. Then we enter into an age where we can be blind by love, because we love someone whom we "thought" he is, and not who he really is. We get attracted to someone, then we start to think he must be someone romantic, someone who cares about me, someone who is loving etc etc. It maybe a simple things but as the saying goes, "in the eyes of beholder" it make him a perfect person to us. Only as times goes, we realize "He" may not be who he is, but we keep anticipating and expecting. Not willing to give up, and believing he will change for us. That's the blind fool. And as we grow older and older, the "I" factor becomes stronger and stronger, people thinks more of themselves, wether i should spend so much on this person, maybe he is after my money, maybe he is just for fun. Whether I have time for this person, is it worth to sacrifice for him etc etc. You may have house, car, even the best bod and a stunning face (face lift, botox, liposuction) and tonnes of young charming guys attracted to you (ie. your money+appearance), let's see if these can last you till 50s and 60s. All i can say is, dun blame anyone if you end up with piles of money ALONE in your older days. Selfish fools.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is this a compliment?

1. Prologue

You would think for someone who fall sick (quite badly) one should have the previlege to lie on the bed entire day and do nothing... but that was't the case.. =(


2. Malaysia High Commission

I need to renew my passport so early morning 6.30am i have to wake up and prepare to go to the High Commission to get a number... luckily chiasin also need to go, so it wasn't so boring...

After all the queuing, form filling, waiting which was like 4 hours later, i was standing at the counter and the person was screening my temporary EP as if he is looking at something from outerspace. Then..

Officer: "This one ah, cannot do here, u have to go back Malaysia to renew."

Me: "What the f*ck!" (Mentally of course..)

I have sacrificed my sick-people-previlege-to-sleep-late to come here and queue for so long to know i have to arrange to go back Malaysia to renew my passport?


3. Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore

Anyway, no point arguing, I called mom to ask her to check if they can renew passport within 1 day in Ipoh, and arranging the dates. The most awkward part is to ask for leave again. We have just been placed in different department reportign to our new manager in the States, and first day I have already wrote to him to ask for a day off (today) so embarassing... though today is not counted as my annual holiday (cheers! credit goes to our dear admin assistants who is always there for us ^^)so i decided to proceed to my next task of the day (so cham, sick also cannot "on sum" stay at home.. ) which is my body check for the PR aat raffles hospital at bugis. But I took a detour to Lavender to check about the PR thingy..

Me: "Hi, I was wondering if my passport need to be at least 6 months.... bla bla..."

Reception X: "yes, it has to be"

Me: "But I just went to Malaysia High Comm and ... bla bla..."

Reception X: "erm... " turn to Reception Y and explain the situation..

Reception Y: "Atually we dun care if your passport is 6 months valid, you just need to update your passport information after you renew it in the future. "

What? U are kidding right... Gosh... This is just too perfect, i can get my PR and happily go back without worrying bout coming back earlier to renew... gosh, this is more than i can ask for... Except I still doubt her words, but well, if anything wrong, I will make sure she is there to explain... The reception who was on duty on 27th January 2010, between 10 am to 11 am..

Well, but for now, she is an angel, for being so informative and knowledgable, if it were only Reception X there, I would have bought my ticket for now..


4. Raffles Hospital

Finally the hospital. Which comes to why i was asking " Is this a compliment? "

I need to take x-ray, so when i was being called into the room, the nurse ask me to take off my shirt, but since she was still outside and i was feeling really cold so i just kept it on. Then when she entered i just double check with her,

Me: " I have to take off my shirt right? "

Nurse (slightly hesitating): " Are you a lady? "

=s stunned..

after a shortwhile,

Nurse: "Sorry, but are you a lady?"

Me: " No, I am not. " (Take off my shirt immediately)

Then the nurse keep on apologizing while positioning me for the x-ray. Then i need to lean against the cold board... it was really freeeezzzzing...

Then after it was done, she keep saying sorry and,

Nurse: " You have a really sweet face, I am so sorry.."

Is that suppose to be a compliment or it is my fault? =s

But anyway, can't blame her too.. afterall I was wearing the pink TopMan shirt =p

So it was a long long day by the time I reach home and totally worn out...


5. My-mind-was-stuck-yesterday

Just realize how silly my entry sounds yesterday, on one hand i was asking for just a call, then the next paragraph I was longing for a maid-like bf... gosh, must be really sick... But honestly I am not greedy, but i just want a maid-like bf... is that too much? =p

Sleep early... gu ling ling yat gor bang jor zan hei hou cham ah...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Need Someone...

I guess people usually would show their need for someone when they are in a helpless state.. Hoping for someone special to be around to support you at this low time.

All the more, for someone who cannot be a loner.. like me...

Sick again, this time, it feels really really bad. I couldn't even stand properly when i was in traind, using 2 hands to support myself while leaning against the bar. People probably would think I am drunk or has a wound somewhere... But i couldn't care less.. I cudn't even summon the energy to stand up properly...

Suddenly, i really long for the feeling someone is there, maybe to hope for Someone to take care of me is a little luxury to think, but at least to have someone calling up, and asking how you feel, really makes the heart feels warmer and better.

I dunno why, but at this moment, i really long for someone's care, to accompany you to the clinic, prepare food, help you clean ur body when u cannot bath, i must be dreaming, but... I am really a failure to be independent. I am hopeless..

Monday, January 25, 2010


Reading comments on youtube clip is one of things I enjoy doing a lot. For one, they kinda provide a lot of "extra" gossip about the celebrities, and other times, it is good to see how others look at things.

No matter how "clever" a person is, he is still looking at the world from 1 person's point of view. Which is why I like the chinese teaching of being humble and being open to other's people views, cause they have their own experience and they could have seen things we never knew. Thus I like reading blogs and comments and whatsover by others. (One thign about the locals here is they are far too confident to be open minded. Most of the time, they just feel they are the smartest and never really make an effort to "listen".. k, i admit, i am complaining again cause i hate this a lot)

Gosh, i always type a whole chunk of unrelated stuffs until i get into my point. Love? I was listening to Fish Leong (Diva of love songs from our country, she really deserves it), many people actually comment by writing their own love stories, mostly sad stories of course.. then I saw someone wrote this:


He is right, how many understand what this word love is? One of the words we use often, especially the caucasians, "I love you" is as common as Hi, Bye, Thank you. But give it a thought, what do we mean when we say we love someone? What do we "expect" from someone we love, do we still love them with the expectation? Is there really self-less love? how come we dun mind hurting the people we love. How can we bear to see the people who we love or love us shed tears in front, or behind of us. How can we not be determined to make sure our love ones always carry a smile on his face?

Do you love someone? Or should it be you want to love someone? How should it start?

I haven't seen, or read or learnt enough to answer this questions. I never meant to answer it anyway, but just some random thoughts from that comment. But at least i know I have the courage to persue what i want... And i know i wont regret because I tried my best everytime... If you think u deserve to enjoy love, why hesitate?


Indeed, when you miss someone, it is painful, very very painful... But it will get numb, and slowly it will fade away... Just like wound are bound to recover, it is just a matter of time, but the scar will always be there... But it will never be painful again.. =)

So this pain is bound to recover... 會呼吸的痛

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It was quite unexpected that Eason Chan will be at bugis. It was quite exciting, cause I haven't actually seen a popular celebrity in real this close before. Usually when i know there will be a celebrity somewhere, instead of going there to see, I will actually avoid that place because I know there is bound to be a crowd.

But this time, it was purely coincident, and so happens the place is adjacent to the place we plan to have dinner... I was totally excited ^^

This first picture was taken from the dinner place, well not clear but it is indeed Eason..

Later we went down and see him from even nearer, and I get to listen to him singing the song live!! Gosh no wonder he is popular, it sounded just like what u get in album and it is live. Sooooooo nice!!!

Except a little comment is he is really quite fat... really need to tone down a bit, and his hair is quite weird. But then again, looks was never his selling point.. We still love you ah 神!!!


Not exactly his best piece, but i heard this live, and it is one of the new songs that I remember.

This was the line that makes me remember the song..

..可是我 我相信爱..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Night After

And i thought the tequila shot was nothing but a burning feeling in the stomach... I was so so wrong...

So about 1 hour the shot went down, the headache and sleepy feeling starts. That's in addition to the vodka coke earlier.

I was like half-intending to go to club (Half because i slept at almost 2am the previous nite and then woke at 6.30). In fact i only wore a t-shirt(top-shop 2 for 29) and jeans (levis). So it is really kinda simple dress for clubs. But after being persuaded by my friends, decided to well... enjoy the nite. =p

We went around 10.30. It was pretty empty and we kinda concluded it is going to close shop soon if this rate goes on. So we move around to other bars and clubs around that area. Then when we came back again, we decided to sit outside for a short while. Then I got my first "stun moment" of the night. A caucasian who was kinda drunk walk towards us and was mumbling something. He was saying something about being insulted somewhere else and what a heck place this is and keep insulting Singapore (okay, my stand is neutral on this, but anyway, it is not the main point). Then he was walking towards me, saying "You are so handsome!"

Okay, i know i should be careful, but receiving compliment from a pretty good looking guy was kinda flattering =p (just like the first time when Someone ask if he can kiss me). So i just say thanks, then the next moment he pulled me towards him and kiss my cheek ( actually more like a peck on somewhere near the eyes cause he was quite tall), i was so stunned cause we are just standing at the roadside, i mean even my bf haven't kissed me on the street be4 =s . Then he sees my reaction and say " You are scared of me" and was walking away looking dissapointed, i was simply so blank so i just stared (btw, my friends were laughing and saying "he is shy") and then he turn back, say the samething again "aww, you are so handsome" and he approached very quickly and did it again before i can react! Then he saw my reaction and keep saying: "You are scared of me " and this time really walk away and got on the cab.. My face was so red... and that was the first stun moment of the nite..

Then we move around the place, met a few more friends and decided to go back to the 1st club. Gosh they are all so young like 21-22 but all attached or are dating people (why.. why... why am i alone =( ). Then as we move towards the dance floor, there was this guy who was walking in the opposite direction. Okay so what happen was he was looking at me and i was looking at him too (i can't remember who looked at who first, it might be he was looking at me so i stare back or the other way round, but i have to admit he was a handsome guy =p ..) as he was nearing I saw him dragging another guy (holding his hand) out and as he passed by me, he was smiling and said: " You are good looking ". That was the second "stun moment" of the nite. (I mean a handsome guy saying that to you, doesn't it makes you feel excited?) So all i managed was "Thank you" and smile back.. Then I didn't even dare to look back until after a while and he was gone.

I cant believe the nite encounter. Okay they are probably drunk to some extend but still getting this kind of complements kinda makes me feel "okay, i am not so bad afterall" it's like some motivation and regaining some confidence.. =p Gosh, i am soo vain and shallow.. hehe..

But this is really interesting, someting interesting and "proud" to remember when i am old =p


I always thought, happiness is related to sadness. The happier you are in a relationship, the more sadness will be felt if it ends. This is because you know you won't have all this happiness anymore from now on. Thus if you dun feel sad, it simply means you never really felt happy. Buddhism says it will come to nothing in the end, thus why persue in the first place? You gain and you loose. But I felt I would rather be happy and then get sad, smile and cry, because if u never experience it, you never know. So i never regret, even if it has to end eventually. But we were once happy, and the memories are forever...

最幸福的事 - 是曾经拥有和不曾后悔. I had gave my best I can hoping to make you happy, with no regrets, although we couldn't make it till the end, at least we tried and I know.. the memory will be there forever and ever, that's my 最幸福的事.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Late night

Another late night out... first tequila shot... bitter but not drunk, a surprise =s

crazy night!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally, one happy family!

I got the whole set finally!!!

Took this using my N82..

And this using my N900

I guess obviously my N82 still triumph over N900 in the camera function, especially nite mode.

My N900 slide mechanism seems to move out a little, the grip feels slightly different, i was wondering if i am being too sensitive or the mechanism is really displaced slightly =s ... oo please be good dear N900..

But well, finally I got the whole 12 zodiac, and obviously everyone is eyeing my doraemons on the desk ^^


A friend says : "I probably want to be single for a while.."

I say: "I don't want to be alone for even one split second if i can.."

But i guess, many things isn't just up to us to decide, you wont know when and where and who you will meet. But one thing we have to be sure, is that when the moment comes, the moment when your eyes cross, the moment when your fingers cross around each others, the moment your hearts cross... you will know he is the right one and never ever let go. We are all just waiting... for A Moment Like This...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple, continued..

As I was reading back on my yesterday entry, I realize I have said simple life in a too general terms. Well most importantly, I kinda feel maybe Someone will probably think "You call that simple, after what you expected from me?"

So I did say I long for simple relationship, but what does simple relationship means? This is probably a very subjective statement. To some, simple means each other can have their own life, but still meet up once a while when each other is board to do whatever they feel like. Simple can also mean that they don't like to be very high profile, in fact probably it will be the other way round that they keep it very low profile and only act like normal friends. Or simple as simple as 2 person enjoy living together, just with each other's company simple as that..

However what I meant simple was that I don't need a car, a flat, I dun need posh restaurants, I dun need hundreds dollar gifts (hmm should i say thousands). But I do have my expectations, like I like to feel I do play a role in his life, make him smile, lend him a shoulder, like I like to know that I am one of his priority in his life, i know career is important, but there can be a balance right? Like I also want to have romantic relationship like just any other couples, like I like to wear couple rings, rather than getting this feeliing that it is embarassing because people will notice 2 guys are wearing similar rings, or even going to shop for it. I want to stick together whenever we can, and not feeling why do we have to see or meet so often. Like I would like to share secrets, rather than feeling one's interfering with the other's life too much. Open relationship, that we can talk about anything, trust and be trusted, respect and understanding... The list just go on and on.. but I am ready to provide all these in return and more...

Well maybe you can say afterall I don't expect a simple relationship, but to me those are jsut the basic things in a relationship, I dun think of it so much as "expectation" as i feel it should happen naturally when you are trying to make someone part of your life, making and effort to build a relationship that is lifelong experience and bringing someone into your life who you strongly believe will stay there forever..

To me it is simple. Because I don't expect anything solid (money and materialistic) but rather just a soulmate, a person i like and a person who likes me.. (It just makes me feel sick when people talk about financially independent, talk about how gays relationship are unstable and shouldn't 'invest' too much, how we shud save huge chunk of money for ourselves as we aged, seriously, being able to give is a blessing, what's wrong with helping out your loves ones, if you already had reserved about giving, how much do you really love someone.. talk about lifelong, no wonder it doesn't last, i would be surprise it does.. long winded again =p)


To a dear friend, sorry to hear what happen, the first song that came to my mind was 分手快乐 by fish leong. But I never really like this song much, because till now, i never felt "happy" for any break ups... though the lyrics is positive, that you will find a better next one but still the mood isn't right..

So I thought of this, something i really like, Like you say L, life is never easy especially for us. In fact it is not fair, in a relationship, we can never measure who's right who's wrong, who owes who... It is 2 person making an effort to be together, but if it fails, it probably just meant that somethings weren't meant to be..

It is not easy, it is not fair, but be strong, be positive, you never know what fate has for you, it maybe cruel but it is probably preparing you for the ultimate perrson, so you are 100% ready for the right person who appears at the right place and the right moment =)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Simple, yet happy

If i were to start by saying, Happiness can be simple, you dun have to be rich, you dun have to have the whole world, probably it will get booed or something. Afterall I have kind of "gain" happiness and shown ecstasy from shopping for good bargains and spending money like really crazily...

So i do enjoy shopping and sometimes, when you can afford to fork out money in exchange for goods that you adore (by the way, this helps the economic growth, so it is not at all evil too), it is a way to reward yourself. But that doesn't mean I am a totally superficial (mayb like 50-50), materialistic ( this one i give myself 25-75, 25 for materialistic), shallow ( i am not!) person.

Actually I just want to say that I feel so happy that 2 of my favourite buns are still available after i reach home. I usually dun like to eat rice, so these has been one of my favourite dinner, sometiems with campbell soup sometiems with soya bean milk... So, being able to get what I really like means a lot, cause I really dun like anything else =p

So yup, happiness can be simple, when we have lower expectation, and be grateful of what we have. It doesn't have to be the perfect one, but jsut something good enough for ourselves is a blessing. Afterall, you cannot have the whole world.

Just like my dinner, it doesn't have to be glamorous, it doesn't have to be posh, but i am just happy with a simple relationship, that has simple life, simple happiness that we just really enjoy each other companion would be really a blessing... I wish...


A chinese saing: 是祸挡不过 translate: if soemthing bad is destined, there is no way you can avoid...

What will come, will come eventually. My PR offer letter.. Though I kinda expect to be rejected, so i can happily keep getting my CPF in cash, but sigh, it came today... I am probably going to be PR soon.

Well... seems like i cannot run away from this Big City, small island for a while... might as well find love and enjoy what's destined here... Lee Hom~大城小爱

Monday, January 18, 2010

Old age in Singapore?

Disclaimer: This is purely written based on personal experience, without any reference to research or statistics.


I know it is redundant to add the first line, it is my blog anyway and I can write whatever i want.. But just thought something different for a change :P

I was taking train home as usual. When I was half-way from clementi to jurong east station ( which is quite long about 5-7 minutes)I saw a middle age lady was edging towards the door. Okay, so a middle age lady is walking to the door, is there anything exciting? *yawn*

Of course right, else i wouldn't be writing this. First thing is the next station is an interchange station which means many people will be alighting. At first I thought the lady was affraid she coudn't make it to the door in time, as she seems to have difficulty walking and she is carrying a lot of stuffs. Then I thought, gosh... poor lady, must be hard for her to have to squeeze and race with the young people.. the pace is pretty fast here in Singapore, needless to say. So being part of the workforce, it is inevitable to have to follow, despite you are already at those kind of retirement age. I was imagining my mom has to take the train, and edge towards the door way before the train reaches the station ( like 5 minutes before the train reaches), gosh.. i rather they stay in ipoh comfortably with our modest little car...

Then the moment the train reaches, I saw the lady walking as fast as she can (still pretty slow cause she seems to have some problem with her legs) towards the train opposite, just to fight for a seat... OKAY, I am very sure i wont want my mom to stay here unless I can afford to let her take cab everywhere she wants to go and have a car.. life is really much better and easier for aging people in Malaysia, or anywhere... but definitely not Singapore...

Sigh, everything is fine in this Big city, small island. Yet it is not the best place for a "life"


This is a really old song (obviously from the MV), from a Diva though. Again, I came across it because of some singing competition and really like the lyrics. It is about being a "pawn" in the game of love. All controlled by someone, yet not the most important one in the game. That's probably one of the saddest things in a relationship, that you were never important...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Sunday evening

Another evening out with friends for dinner. Except today is the first time I stepped into an LV shop. Well, it actually just felt like any other shops, except all their SA (i suppose that means Sales Assistant) are equipped with a walkie talkie thingy to always get people around different corners to service the customers and they speak really good english. I don't mean fluent but the pronounciation was really nice IMO.

All these while I have this impression that this place is for really rich people, and last time I dun even dress up good enough I suppose, so usually I wouldn't thought of going in. But my friend who only wears a t-shirt and pants was walking confidently in. (well, not that normal if the sales people are sharp enough, he was carrying a rolex which cost like what 15k, a gold chain-neclace that cost bout 5k, and for the first time I have seen a real "No-Limit" credit card, which says Infinite-Visa, that's really a wow too for today!) So yup, he was browsing and showing me around. I was particular into a wallet set which cost $910, i know it is definitely not cheap but really unique. Except, not really for my level yet =p (well, maybe if next year bonus is a lot, i might consider..)

Then the usual dinner and talk a lot about life now and years down... Sometimes, it really feels easy when we have something in common, like all are malaysian working in this foreign land. Then sharing of expectation years down the road (though it doesn't really sounds easy as we discuss) but sure a warm hang out...

Another simple Sunday afternoon..


I have heard different version of this, dun really understand this original though i am sure it is a nice story, and it feels good... that only matters right?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MoonStone, Revisited...

Shortly after one month (actually less than that) I visited MoonStone at Mount Faber again. This time it was because of Chia Sin's friend from her hometown. But we have met before previously so i joined them for dinner at Sushi Tei. And so glad she like the food there a lot.

Then later we proceed to Mount Faber, one of the most beautiful place (many views to look at) in SG i suppose.

First time I went drinking with CS, and i realize she likes to take photos,

So this set of photos is telling a story of how she rob my Levi's cap =P


This photo, chiasin and her friend commented on my face, that I don't to keep it =p and how "beautiful" yup, they actually use this word grr... Prettier than girls?

Then this is the one CS steal my cap =p

And lastly, CS insisted she want to take a photo of me like this, in thoughts... so well, it seems not bad, maybe I shud use it as profile pic ^^

Gosh, I am so sleepy now after the vodka cocktail.... and i realize my whole body was reddish in color...

Nite ntie..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some thoughts, Superficial Again?

I know I have written something on superficial previously so this entry is definitely on something else... Except what happened kinda reminds me of superficial, so the name...

And i realize it has been a while since I use my own photos, i have been too lazy and keep using youtube clips =p


So what happen was, today I was walking around Marina Square with my friend and we passed by Zara. It was crowded as usual but we just manage to squeeze in and browse around. Then I saw this shirt, which was on sale, nicely folded and best thing is it has "S" size which was actually uncommon for sales item.

Let's call it Shirt A (the black words "SKI CLUB" actually has reflective black pieces on it, so it is quite eye-catchy under lights)

Somewhere nearby, I found this second piece, which was thrown among a pile of messy shirts and when I took it up it was folded inside out and as you can see from the picture below, you probably doubt if this is really a shirt because of the shape.

Shirt B (also size S)

Okay, so both the shirt was place at the same corner pricing of $29. For Shirt A, the usual price was $49, i knew about it because one of my friend likes Zara shirt and I have seen him bought at original price. Thus I thought it was a good bargain. The second one, surprisingly was selling at $75 at usual price, I was like =s what?

This piece of deformed shirt cost $75, gosh, it must be very special. ( I realize i fancy weird design stuffs, erm I mean special..)

So eventually went to try them out. Shirt A fits just nice... a bit on the fitting side but nice.. The second piece, guess what, the weird extra part above the head is actually to give layering effect.. like this,

(p.s. plesase dun comment on the model, you are not suppose to know who that is)

It look really good especially from far, it adds details to the collar part and makes the shirt look really unique. Furthermore, it is my size... hehe.. So well.. there goes my 60 bucks =(

But it is a really good bargain!!


So how is this related to being superficial? Well, it is just a thought, like i felt the reason why this shirt wasn't noticed is because for one, it is thrown together with a pile of other shirts (some normal polo-t), second, the cutting at first look wasn't at all appealing, thirdly, it is categorize at the $29 corner (which is probably the cheapest in the store) so many people would just assume it is some crappy leftover. Which is not, it is not XXL size, it is not some ugly polo-t or deformed t-shirt. In fact, anyone who bothers to spend some time looking at the price tag would notice this is unique, then if u fold it back nicely, you would see it is not a piece of rag, and lastly if you have tried it on, you will never let it go anymore.

So yup, cheap things can be good too sometimes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friends really come and go?

This phrase was first told to me by one of my best friend at university. At that point, I was still childishly thinking.. No, no, i know my high school best friend will always be my life best friend. Everytime I go home, I will definitely call them out to gather as much as possible. But then as tiem goes, we are all busy with our own arrangements, and we hardly see each other, not so much common topics but simply how are you and sharing of how life is now. Until eventually, we dun even meet once a year. I realize that, maybe my uni friend was right afterall, friends do come and go..

But what about my uni best friend? I know he really knows me well, and he accompany me thru so many things. And then another girl came into our friends circle, and while I was away in Shanghai, it seems somethign is growing behind my back, until very recently that I realize, okay so something is "on" between them. It is not an obvious thingy and no one admits it. But I can tell..

Except my uni best friend seems to have changed. Last time, he used to be a very fair person. He is respectful of others, he helps, he sticks to his believe strongly. But now, my best friend seems to be more practical. He does thing that is usually benifitial to himself, not so much about others. Then with my other best friend, he is totally biased and giving in. One moment he may say he doesn't feel like eating. But the next, if our little princess is hungry, he will accompany her to eat dinner. So how's that? I simply feel that i dun understand him like how i used to now... =s

Especially the one year with Someone, I have pretty much been out of their life... well my own problem anyway.. And it just give me another thought about the phrase, Friends comes and goes, we have to move on to our own life. I guess eventualy what we want is probably the ONE person that will be with you forever and not move on like friends, this is love right? like the vow, where you have to say " I DO " and give your promise to the person you love. Probably that's one thing that will be with us forever...


Kinda weird why I mention this suddenly, well what happen was our little princess is not around this evening, so when her roomie ask my best friend to adjust the wall clock (he is the tallest) he keep giving excuse to reject. I was thinking if our princess is around, I am 110% sure that wont happen. He probably will just go straight and do it... Sigh... people do change... but this is really different from the person I know back then...

There goes my best friend... Sigh, all the more lonely now...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am so sorry.....


This is dedicated to my dear phone. I have only brought you home for less than 2 weeks and I have injured you for the first time. It's all because of my bad habit, why can't I concentrate to do one thing at a moment, gosh... so stupid of me carrying tonnes of things and still trying to open my phone ( it is a bit bulky so not easy to grip, but still.. I should have known better)..

The moment you fell, my heart felt like it stop beating (okay, it is a touch screen and I don't have screen protector, so that's one main reason). When i look at it, gosh, i am so glad it's fine! Phew...

But as i feel it around, OMG, it is dented, the metallic surface has a small dent and the black finishing got scratch off a little on one of the corner.. ='(

Now that you are 毁容 all because of me... *sniff sniff*

Well, but it is all my fault, and maybe these are all fated, that now you are unique because of that one corner,the corner with the little flashing indicator to tell me I have a message when it is blue, and yellow and green for charging at the same time with the little scratch dent. You are mine!

You maybe imperfect, but you are unique to me. My one and only N900, muacks!


Either Lee Hom or JJ are fine, The One and Only...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live will end, sooner or later...

I am not being negative, and i thought i have written something like this previously. But just happen to see someone putting this on their introduction section sort of stir up some thoughts.

Yesterday, I was just thinking back what happened to myself all these years since i realize what i like. I have really never had the chance to fall in love, do silly things that young people would do, and I am almost past the age that i can tell myself that we are young, we can do it... I am turning 25 this year, halfway to 30. For now, all i know is i need to work to earn money to sponsor my brother. To have enough for my parents future life. I haven't even planned anything for my own future. In some way, I am avoiding it, cause I know i won't get married and have kids, so i dare not think of my late years... But i dun want to think of it either, one advantage of it is I probably wont have the burden of family and kids, so I am free in that sense. But to be honest, I am worried that eventually I will be alone, when my parents are not around, my brother has his family and so does all my friends.

But as of now, I am giving myself 2 more years of time to be ignorant and enjoy what I should have had. I know it is irresponsible, but if i never tried it, then that's it for this life, gone for good. I know i will always carry that regret. Why had I never enjoy the romance, why had I nothing to think back, when I see a romantic scene in movie in my late years. I don't think I want to carry this regret forever...

Live will end, it is just a matter of sooner or later, if I am lucky i get many more years. If i am not, it can be any moment from now. This is a really negative thought, but it simply makes me more determined to persue what I think is right, at least at this moment. We can never make the right decision all the time. Simply never regret every choice we make, that's what I believe.

Seek what you want, it may not be easy, it may not even happen. But if you never try, you never know and it will definitely never happen. Something to myself...


Monday, January 11, 2010

Counting years

I am 24 years and 21 days old.

When I was 17 I was still a 82 kg fat boy who have 0 self-confidence. At that time, all i know is to be polite and always smile, so others wont hate you (at least). When I was 18, I saw someone from We chatted, but at that time i didn't dare to show my picture and obviously very handsome. I felt extremely low and ashamed of myself. So from that very day. I made up my mine I will go on diet and I stop eating rice that nite. Probably scare my mom i guess, but i made up reason that it was for health reason..

Seems stupid isn't it? It is just someone from the virtual world, hardly any chance. But surprisingly, I was determined than I ever was. Within 6 months, I lost almost 20kg. And another 1 year before my face shape become like how it is now. It was the most difficult 1 and a half year in my life i guess. 15 years worth of exercise and diet all cramp into this period.

I did see him again, and he really is interested with my photo. (sigh.. how vain is that...) But still, virtual world is always virtual world, especially he is not interested in kids... ( which i wonder has affected my preference too now.. i avoid guys younger.. ) Nothing really happen. But I gain a lot, really a lot.

Then it was 20 my uni started. On the very first day I joined, many seniors were talking about my looks in front and behind of me, which i am of course secretly very happy =P . It kinda make me more confident then.. But still being a foreigner here, I didn't really know about all these gay sites, and never really manage to make friends not to mention encounters. So that's my 19 year old.. trying to live in a new environment alone.. That was also when I begin to be affraid of being alone. Without my family, without my best friends... Even till now, I still hate the feeling to be alone..

When I was 21, I met another guy online again (never ever trust virtual love, they are all fake) i was dumb enough to be fool and played around for 1 and a half year to only give up eventually because of all the fake things that I Have had enough.

Then it I was 22 when I decided to go Shanghai for internship, partly to forget about the virtual person that I actually felt upset for.. And it was one of the most crazy 6 months of my life.. in terms of gay life.. well, in a relatively manner i mean, to what I had in singapore and malaysia..

Then I was 23 and back in Singapore. I met a first person, who adores me to the extent that he dare not look directly at my face. I kinda enjoy the being admire and thought why not? But seems like if you dun like soemone, u never would treasure, which I eventually suggested to break up, true enough, I was really mean back then, to hurt someone like that. Maybe there is really Karma..

The very same year, towards the end of year, I met another person, whom I thought have a lot in common because we are both foreigners on this foreign land. But still eventually when one has doubt, it only hurts the other more... until I decided to move on, but the difference was, I wasn't the one who gave up. Maybe karma is really there, he came back eventually, asking me to forgive him... sending message after messages to ask us to be together again despite I have shut his call, ignore his messages for so many times. Of course that time I was already with Someone, except, it was about the same time I was being "doubted" again... It just make me feel even more irritated when he ask us to be together again. I guess that time I was venting my anger for Someone on him, because he did the samething once, and now he is asking for forgiveness. Why cant he has made up his mind at that point? Except, unlike with Someone, we had almost no happy moments together, all i can remember is how soon he promise to be together, how soon he regreted it. We never even get to be together for a short while and I was given almost no priority in his life.. So that's the end...

Finally, shortly after my 23 yo bday, I met Someone. I still remember writing on my MSN as my best Christmas ever. Which was true. If someone were to ask me, who was my first love, I will have no doubt answering is YOU...

Except there is really a different in our perspective, the way we want life to be, the way we have different expectations towards love and relationship. I still seek passionate love, the kind u can give everything for each other. But you have reach another level, where your career, your wealth, yourself are the priorities in your life.. It is really no one's fault, probably just like what you once said, maybe soemthing are just not meant to be...

So now I am, 24 years and 21 days old, I still look forward to have a relationship that is passionate and romantic like all young people deserve to have..

I wish, this wont be just a fantasy in 2010...


For now, I will just love JJ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Embarassing Moments

Have you experienced times when your boss is standing behind you and you are totally unaware of it and keep talking about something which he is concerned?

Yup, it is certainly scary, especially if you are bitching about him/her. =s

Okay, at least I wasn't bitching about him, but still it was so embarassing... What happen was the other day, I was finalizing a presentation slides(doing alignments and formating) for my boss as he needs to present it next week in the states. So i was consolidating for my team. Since it is urgent so i have my neighbour to help me. He was suppose to do it bottom up and i do top down. So naturally after a while, he was checking where I was, and I say i was at slide 26 and then ask which slide he is at. At first I heard him say 28, which I thought was okay as I have this impression that the whole thing has only about 30+ slides and he has been working on it for almost 20 minutes. So i just confirm with him

me: " 28?"

colleague: "no, THIRTY-EIGHT.."

me: " Huh, got so many MEH?"

I say it quite loud as he is sitting opposite me and there is a divider between us. Then i heard a cheery voice from behind...

??? : " Yup, that's why I am gonna trim down half of it."

I turn back to see and my boss was smiling at me...

OMG!!!! This is like damn embarassing (although he sees i am working hard on the slides which can't be a bad thing right?), but then i was speaking so chinese-ish.. .the "MEH" was like really loud and clear... ='(

i feel so embarassed... but i really had no idea when my boss came behind me, I must be concentrating hard on the slides =p.. but gosh, it is still embarassing to even think back.

This is certainly one of the most embarassing moments, on par with the other toilet events ( one of it was when I had long hair, and then some guy came in while i was at the basin, and he thought he entered a girl toilet. then another time when an old cleaning auntie keep telling me I am in the wrong toilet and ask me to go next door to the female one, i can still remember her expression, as if i am some kind of psycho.. then the tiem when i thought i have lock the door... gosh, this is another super embarassing one..)


Like Tanya says, love is beautiful...

One of the things I enjoy doing most is putting on my earphone, watching the MV and listening to the songs, to the lyrics and following the story of the music video. Especially for songs where the lyrics is beautiful. It is really touching and emotional.

Love is beautiful, because you are there to guard me; love is beautiful, because I believe in you; love is beautiful, because we both believe we have the courage to love every single moment of our lives...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Regret

Soemtimes a moment of hesitation can lead to a regret of a lifetime...


I knew I really love it, but I hesitated.. I thought I still have time to think about it, I thought it will still be there ready for me to come back to it, but the next moment when I have decided, when I knew i really want it, it was no longer there... It belongs to someone else now, forever...

The $86 reduced to $29 jacket was taken by someone else just the very next day I have seen it. I thought it is not weekend yet no one would notice. But never did I realize I was so wrong. Many people actually like it, and I never see another one in any other shop... Well, that teaches me to really not hesitate so much, sometimes, good things will not be there forever...


We just have to learn to treasure what's in front of us don't we? When it is solid and real there with us. Sometimes, u can never know when it will be gone, but once it happens, it is probably forever...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another crap movie..

I kinda expected this wouldn't be an A grade movie like The Dark Knight but then I was at least expecting nice scenes and graphics and interesting story lines. But what I get is a movie that is like Eragon standard. Well at least Eragon is written by a 15 year old and the way the bad guy speaks are like cartoons. But this vampire stories is not written by kids, yet it is still crappy, the dialougues are really stupid, the story lines are dull and the best scenes are practically all i the trailer, that's about how it is..

But one part of the movie caught my attention though. When the hero finally realize he doesn't mind the girl he feels for is not 'normal' human (actually he himself is half vampire too, but he didn't quite accept that idea in the first place), he actually said this to the girl;

D: "Can I kiss you?"


The first time we met, on the very first day when we were alone in our room.. you asked me exactly the same question, "Can I kiss you?"

you probably have no idea how happy I was, such a handsome guy actually ask if could kiss me, which only means he really likes me..


This was the scene i felt the most for, it really brings back a lot of memories... will I ever hear this phrase again...

"Can I kiss you?"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Should I?

Recently my expenses has really rocketed to a level that even I don't feel like calculating anymore.

Yet today when I saw a topshop jacket reduced from 86 to 29, the temptation hits again... Isn't that really a good bargain!! Though my new company doesn't blast aircon last the previous one, it is still cold at times, especially like now the rainy seasons. So should i? It is only 29 and the design is REALLY NICE!!!

Then there is this winter jacket reduced from 203 to 49 which is also a very attractive bargain, but I guess chances i will need it is very slim... But what if I need it someday? Then i have to buy the expensive ones? (gosh, i really should stop reading shopaholic series..)

And sales seems everywhere, Zara sales, espirit sales, topshop sales, pull and bear not yet but hope there will be also :P

Hmm... has working near a mall makes me better off??


Today I think i strained my muscles.. but the body combat class was really fun, but I really shouldn't swing my punches so hard... until now my muscles feel like it is being torn apart..

A song you once said I sang really well,

Love is simple? I guess it is, if we seek less and give more..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

... ZZzzzz ....

I just feel so tired today, something I really wanted to do but then too tired... The thing is I slept around 1am for the past 2 nites, then wake around 6.50. Okay, it doesn't sound that bad I know, but I used to sleep around 8 hours, so it is really tiring. Furthermore, I have been to gym for 2 consecutive days, it does kinda stress me to max... but the session is really fun. And some instructor are really friendly, like jsut today, I joined a body Pump class which do some weight lifting practise, the instructor actually was quite patience and keep traking on me the whole session. Though it is awkward sometimes when my posture is wrong and he will comment it in front of everyone (p.s. he is using a microphone!).

So now... my whole body, my mind is like really really strained... ZZzzz..


To someone special, for your support..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 1 @ Gym

This was the first time I went to a commercial gym. The place was nice actually. I mean the facilities are there, enough to share even during peak hours. There are really lots of body builders there too, gosh wonder if someday I will become like them (or almost like them).

I took the spin class, which means stationary cycling. It seems easy, but the trainer sure knows how to stress you out even with that one machine. After the whole session I just feel totally dehydrated and half dead. Okay, it wasn't that bad, I could actually still go for some sit up and weight lifting but I suppose for first day, one hour is actually quite intense. So that's it... Then I was browsing around... hmm.. sure is nice sight at gym =p

Well, let's see what I can gain in one year time. (A hot cutie maybe =p , ahem.. I mean i will become one eventually!!)


These are all old songs, but recently I just keep listening to JJ's song and singing in Karaoke. Maybe it is easier for me to sing his songs, and the singer who looks like me =p. But they are definitely very wonderful creation, such a talent, except I wonder why his hair stylist has to be so mean to him... Poor JJ..

Monday, January 4, 2010

About Me

Initially I thought of calling this entry About Me Part 1.. But when I think back the last few times when I thought I was going to like do a few parts on a topic, it seems like I just never did... So probably if I thought of anythign about myself again I will just call it "About Me, Again", "About Me, More", "About Me, Even More", "About Me, The Part I Never Wrote Before" ... etc etc..

Okay, back to myself.. this is not intented to sound like those Primary One essay (or is it Primary Three, cant really remember when we start learning to compose essay), but merely a thought about myself from someway I do things. Of course, it is really negative.. Isn't this weird, I am writing something bad about myself.. =s But I guess that's what all Sagitarius do, so it is in me, I am born like that =p .

I realize when I want soemthing, I will go to full extend to get it, and I usually don't have the patience to wait. In someway you can say it is stubborn. But then again, this kind of stubornness is only to ourselves.. or myself (maybe not all sagis are like that, better not stereotype..). I mean like I wanted soemthing, i can really do very scary things to get it. I am even willing to take risk to get something if I wanted it badly, and trust me, the risk I am talking about is really "big" in a relative context. And worse of all, I dun even hesitate much. I just go according to my feelings. I always remember what my dad tells me when I was young..

Dad: "You always cannot wait, when I promise you soemthing it doesn't mean I have to do it immediately!"

I can still remember after being scolded, i was crying. Not because I was scared or what, but because I feel that, you have promised me soemthing, and now I am just expecting, what wrong have I done. There is a chinese word that best describe my feeling, I felt 委屈.

Well why am I suddenly so self-councious about this, not like I have harm anyone. Well maybe not when I am on myself.. But soemtimes when I think back, there are indeed damage done, to my relationship.., I wanted attention, thus I insist on having it, without really being mature about how other feels. I mean some people are probably more concerns about being professional than just emotional( I mean like me, is obviously the latter.. ) But i just insist my way. Although I keep saying "It's okay, I am fine" but I know i have send out enough signs that says "I AM NOT HAPPY" which is really annoying and irritating.. I really have given someone a hard time.. And i just want to say, I am really sorry. I know I am not mature enough when it comes to that. But i really cannot help it. I need attention, especially at this time, having a romantic relationship is what I really crave for at this point of time... I really long for it... But I also understand by demanding this, it has given you a lot of uneasiness.. So I am really sorry...


I am writing this as soemthing to reflect on when I read back soemwhere down the road. Just to remind myself that, there will be a time I probably think I am so foolish and childish, but for now, i just feel I deserve to enjoy this..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is my endurance level?

Seriously, isn't it like only one weekend? What's wrong with only 1 weekend on your own?

That's really something I can't help asking myself. It was only 1 weekend and I somehow feel very uneasy. Because I don't have anything on and I am going to be alone at home with nothing particular to do. My endurance level is really that low =( and I really failed badly on the "independent" side. I just seem to really dislike the idea of being lonely. Not even for just one weekend and I am starting to feel uneasy. Come to think of it, this feeling has been really prominent since I came to Singapore.

It has always been like that, since year 1, which was why I hated myself for deciding to study here where I dun have any friends and all my weekend and empty tiem being lonely.. Then I join a club in second year and all my weekends are occupied, which kinda explain why I am feeling happier here.. because I am not lonely anymore, and I always have lunch, dinner time to look forward to seeing my fellow malaysians friends. Then year 3, I went to Shanghai, internship, and then the second half, I have different friends and people to hang out with. And finally year 4 where I was occupied with different people and eventually meeting someone.. Soemone who makes me feel I wont have to be alone anymore and someone who always makes my weekend occupied, it was tiring but it was happy... It really was..

But now, finally the decision is made, and the feeling is coming back.. I am officially on myself again. Just this weekend, when none of my friends are available, and I have to be on my own, it kinda makes me feel empty and lonely again.. that's about my endurance level when it comes to this feeling. I really am not good in it am i? =(

I wish I never have to go through this again...


The only thing that cheers me a little is probably this sales on sports singlet and shorts that I came accross accidentally. Just nice for my gym session..

This one looks kinda short, kinda revealing... but nice,

Hopefully gym session will be worth it, superficial... again..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes, life is just.. -_-"

Today, I went to the vendor around 11 to ask if they have got the stock, i was told that they should come in around 2-3pm. I was quite excited as I was trying my luck instead of calling first. Because I am kinda excited and was hoping that I will see it and buy it instead of knowing the existance then only going (it is really my nature that I am so impatience, i just don't like to wait, and on the other hand I like the surprise though I might risk he just tell me no and I have to go home..).

Since it is in downtown, I decided I will hang around somewhere to wait till 3pm and go again. So I went to Orchard and bought a novel from Kinokuniya, then I went to Starbucks and have a vanila latte (Never ever order vanila again, they are disgusting when they go with coffee.. yucks!). With a book time really past faster, and the good thing about starbucks is they just leave you there even you have finished your coffee.. well of course they should, look at what they are charging anyway =p

So I finished my book around 2.30pm which seems just fine and departed for the shop. When I reached there, it was damn crowded, i waited for 15 minutes before someone attend to me. Then...

Shopkeeper: "Your stock will be in on Monday."

Me: "... "

I still manage to squeeze a smile and say thank you... Well, quite good EQ i have got huh.. quite proud of myself..



4 seasons, which is a year time.

When we first met, it was like the summer weather, hotly in love with each other, passionate and crazy for the other. After that, we entered autumn, where things slow down, but still cozy and sweet knowing there is someone there for me. But then the cold winter came, when you suddenly let me know that things were not perfect bewteen us. That i wasn't so perfect... Then more and more things surface, like a hailstorm...

Lastly it felts as though there might be spring, where the coldness gradually fades away, and hope for a beautiful spring is there. We had an easier tiem, but I am not sure if it was because the burden was lifted due time off, or we were really optimistic of things... But then the spring didn't come as I expect, but still will this be a beautiful spring for us from now? Or maybe not us, but for you and for me?

At least, things couldn't get worse now...

Friday, January 1, 2010

From 2009 to 2010 : HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year!!!

I thought I should dedicate this post to how I have gone through from the year 2009 to 2010.

Okay, it sounds as though I am going to review my year 2009 and my hopes for 2010... well Nope, it is too much to think and type =p. Further more i don't really make resolutions so there isn't a checklist to look at either.

What I meant is simply the last day of 2009 to the first day of 2010.


Last Day of 2009,

I have to say this day was quite good. It didn't started off as a very pleasant day ( cause i have been preparing for the presentation until like 12 somthing). Then preparing for the night cycling and not knowing if there is a half day off I was forced to bring along my shoes and soem shirts to chang in case I cannot make it back in time and have to go directly.

But then the day actually gets better, though we have some last minute rushed through the presentation and my boss did commented on bits and pieces of the presentation, but surprisingly, I actually have a few people coming to me after the presentation to tell me that it was a good presentation. I mean seriously how often do you get people not sleeping during your presentation or doing something else, i.e. sending sms?

I even get an interesting comments from a girl: "That was a really good presentation, and seriously i really mean it because I can actually understand what you are presenting." (we actually have 3 presenation on that day by my team and I am one of them, and prior to that we have like about 10 presenations from US teams, just to give an idea what this comment imply =p) And furthermore the people are actually from another team, whom frankly we don't know each other well. But they gave their compliments. I was so flattered ^^...

So the working part of the day ended pretty well.. PLUS WE HAVE HALF DAY OFF!!! Then I joined 2 of my indian colleagues for lunchat little india. There is this vegetarian shop which is really good except the shop wasn't as classy. But the food was fantastic. I really love it. Then they were showing me Mustafa (it was my first time there even I have been here like 4 years), and then some other shops around little india for my "research".

Then the evening was left to preparing for the night cycling and going to East Coast Park...

From 2009-2010, on a bike...

East Coast Park is like totally different part of Singapore. I was quite surprised by the ambience there especially in the evening. The different eateries, it actuallly feel very "beach" like. With the musics and people cycling, roller-blading and the drink places. Much like resort places.. Nice!

By the time we had dinner (subway for me) and got our bicycle ready it was 9.30pm. There was a last minute route change due to the possible road block at our initial route because of countdown. So we decided to take the reverse route.

And guess what, this little thing has actually became star of the nite..

My dear N82. For one because of the camera, all the following pictures are taken by this baby. But the main reason of it being the STAR is the GPS function in it. None of us actually know the route except from Map. But with N82, we get to know our precise location and how to move from there. So ended up me and my other housemate who planned the route were leading the group... So Cool!!

So that's our group:

And the cheers, everyone is pretty heat up and hyper at the moment... Whooooooooooooosh!

We started from Siglap road to Sime Ave. Then move towards Geylang and have some Yong-He soya milk. This was the first time I been to Geylang. (Gosh, so many first time in one night =p) Then it was around 11.30 we thought we should find somewhere to count down. And looking at the map it seems like Kallang river was the nearest possible place. To be honest, we had no idea how far it is and if we will really make it (not to mention how crowded the bloody street is, we hardly could cycle through the crowd and so many people stopping cabs, cars by the roadside, and the drunk people and the ... well u know what in Geylang), but... WE MADE IT!!

This was taken on the bridge. We reach the bridge just about 10 minutes before 2010. Then the fireworks starts...

The next one is suppose to be the fireworks (just stating because I couldn't catch a nice one, and u might not even notice it. Although it doesn't look like fireworks, but it is... look at the 2 little cloud of lights to the right of the flyer!).


Then we continue towards lavender, bugis and then turn into Bukit Timah road and head towards newton circus (where we had a little supper) the journey continues all the way until ferrer road. It was a lot of cycling for this part... until 3am when we reached this MacDonals somewhere along ferrer road.

Everyone was already very worn out by then, so i went around asking them to pose in a 3am look. Hmm but i think i need to practice on my acting.. not really a 3am- look right.. but I was kinda excited whole nite cause i was busy GPS-ing and mapping to their route plan.. And afterall the leading team cannot be tired right =p

Then we turn into commonwealth avenue cycle all the way until Havelock road where we saw the river, and this was when we took a detour again, to clarke-quay and then esplanade. This place is really crazy especially after the countdown, many people sitting around the ground chatting, some drunk, some playing games and even more still clubbing and drinking in the shops... 4am, can you imagine!! And we discover a stretch of this clubs, bars by mistake, so happening..

Then we went on to Nicole Highway from Esplanade. This is again another long path to cycle. Halfway though my partner's bicycle has got some problem. But the good thing is, we have a mechanical engineer who works in Shimano in the team, one of the most famous bicycle manufacturer. How cool can that be ^^ (he also told me the most expensive bicycle their plant produce cost 15K, =O) . So problem fixed without much hassle. Except it was pretty dangerous they did it just by the roadside.

So after turning into mountbatten road and finishing fort road at around 5.30am, we are there!!!

This was taken at a small jetty at one of the the very far end of ECP..

Everyine was exhausted, but I feel so proud!! We finish the whole journey on ourselves, we don't know anything about the roads in Singapore, there is no one who had nite-cycled experience... but we did it!!!

First day of 2010,

I was still OKAY when everyone is like fainting and resting at the jetty. Then we get everyone to cycle to McDonalds which is near to the shop where we are suppose to return the bike at 8am. So we waited in McD. It was only when I sat down in McD that i realize how exhausted I am. I actually fell asleep... Then around 8 i was woken by my friends, we waited for the long queue at the bike shop to return and then took a cab home with my 2 other housemates... then it was time to faint...

Woke up at around 3pm to have my lunch, then did a little reseach and analysis on the benefit and drawback of a technology investment.. =p

Then i feel tired again and went back to sleep. I never knew how exhausted I am, mentally and physically... ( pain in the inner thighs and back :$) even now... after sleeping so long i felt i can still sleep for long..

So that's the first day of 2010. To Charge up (sleeping =p) for the Year to come!!!

It will be a GOOOOOD YEAR, Best wishes and Happy New Year!!!