Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lemon Grass

The taiwanese diva is known for her really amazing dance hit in every album, but in a few of her album, i was really touched by these love songs that were not the main hit. And this one, 柠檬草的味道 (ling meng chao de wei dao) which translate to Taste of Lemon Grass is one of the 3 love songs that i am most touched by...

How does lemon grass taste? Fresh, aromatic, but with a touch of citrusy-sourish? Like love, it is beautiful and sweet, yet no one can escape being hurt by it one way or another...

Most of the times, I fall for a song simply because of a particular line of the lyrics. Like "love the way you lie" by Eminem and Rihanna, it is exactly that line that caught my attention. When i fist listen to this song, it was for this line that first caught my attention,


Which translate to,

"neither of us are to blame, we were just not meant to be,
till now that i realize what i really want,
happiness should be from myself, not from you,
and loneliness is my own choice.."

The first line simply makes me cry back then...

But if you can understand mandarin and look at the lyrics, i am sure you would appreciate it even more..


...Finally, i learn that the choice is with me, not from you, I will seek my own happiness, whatever you missed, it is your choice...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sky - 天空 (Tian Kong) ~ This song used to be one of my favourite emo songs...even till now, when i listen to it after a long while, it still feel a little emo-ish.. I remember that i particularly like to listen to this song and cry out loud whenever i am alone..

Giving up on a relationship, like the sky after a rainy day, it is always gloomy and cold, everything feels relatively quiet after the storm, yet, the dampness of the air reminds you of everything that happen, there is no way to pretend it never occured... The only thing to look forward to, is the Sunny day that usually happens after a rain, when the cloud clears out.. but how long will it take to clear the cloudy sky, how much longer will you be trap in the gloomy day and damp air is uncertain... it is all in the hand of fate...

The hardest thing is to forget, just like scars never go away. But there is always something that will come into your life to replace it, to take ur thoughts from it, and something that is worth your attention now, that's when your wound is heal...

A clear sky will still come.. eventually i believe..


Also as a special dedication to a friend who reads this blog and share the name as the song ~Sky.. thank you and everyone else who is reading this, i used to write for someone, but now, it is no longer necessary, sometimes i do think why i am still writing, if not for you guys.. =)


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friends from the Far East

A dollar note is common, how bout a 2-dollar note?

We got an unexpected gift from a Hong Kong guy who works in the same office today. It was really really warm, i am not sure how much this is worth (definitely more than 2 dollar) but according to him, that was suppose to be a good-luck wish too...

Sometimes when I meet a fellow malaysian in Singapore, i would somehow feel closer because in most cases, we can really click much better and have more common to talk about. I guess it must mean a lot when you see someone of your own "kind" after having been living in a totally foreign country with majority of the people speaks a different language and come from different background. This kind Sir who is in our office have been there for more than 30 years... and this town doesn't even have chinatown, that's how much chinese u can imagine...

Every morning he would drop by and chat and despite the age different, he is actually much easier to chat than our manager, we can joke and crap... then again, being from a same culture, somehow there seems to be a link somewhere.. i guess?

Cause personally, I know i can live here, but i can't say for sure if I am gonna totally enjoy it, not having friends who totally understand your culture and habits and probably even ur jokes. But yet, after being here for 2 weeks, there are many who have indeed live a life like this, for even more than ten of years some of them... It must be a very unique experience.. and I guess in this places, whenever you see your own people, it probably makes you feel closer already..


A US2Dollar note... for some reason, it feels much much more valuable, as a gift coming from a Eastern to friends from the far far east...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Country of Freedom

When I first started my studies in Singapore, the Uni had a orientation for foreign students which we sat in too. One of the terms i learned from it was "Culture Shock". At that point I was just thinking, err... okay obviously more for the Vietnamese guy sitting next or the Blonde in front, just not us Malaysian.. well, okay, may there is one thing though.. the food was shockingly... u know..

Culture shock, it is only when i see around this country of freedom, that I do experience something i never felt before. For one, everyone says Hi and Good Morning and ask how's your day, even if they dont know you. It does feel nice everyone smiles to each other... Then in the restaurant, you will see all the waiters and waitresses are young ppl and they serve you with really friendly and sweet attitude. Comes and ask you hows your food every little while. Okay, maybe that's for the 15% tips. But still i pay service charge in Singapore and all i get is they trying to chase you out of the restaurant asap so they can sit the next customer at ur seat like diner dash... and work culture where it is really base on trust and speaking openly, though i kinda knew that already but working with the ppl here in person gives me an even real feel of a totally different culture.

The way they encourage freedom, the way everyone is proud of what they do, even as waiters and waitresses, artist, atheletes, adventurous (this is especially cool, all the old ppl like 50s 60s still purchasing their own dreams like going for 2day motor rides cross country, car racing etc...) and confidence that is build on what they believe from what they see and not blindly confident because their friend say so or the whole island believes in that.. (oops, did i say Island?)

I do like the people here (well apart from they are generally tall, huge and blonde blue eyes =p) the attitude is really nice.. and in most cases, truly friendly and sincere.

Something we can really learn and bring back...


A song i keep hearing on radio, Rihanna and Eminem ~ love the way you lie...

I never knew Eminem, but... he is really cute in this MV!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I do feel guilty after the day... kinda like a rush i felt i should do it but end up having doubt do i need that much... =s

For a start, my dual screen laptop. Okay, i got a refurbish unit so it is really much cheaper than a new piece and for something this powerful i do feel reasonable...

But these...

We went to the outlet mall and I shop like 500USD worth of things...

Well, not all are mine, i got a COACH bag for my mom finally ^^ and 2 pairs of shoes for my bro... but 4 pairs for myself and 3 CK shirts... I am really high on shopping today.. almost ended up with a oakley glasses.. =s

The rush was like when i went into nike everything was like 50percent off... okay not all that i bought but at least 3 pairs are only like 40-50USD and definitely more than 50% off the usual price...

And the 300+ worth of shoes...

This is my very first pair of converse all star...

Gosh... am i over spending... =s

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One week

Today marks a week of our stay in Richmond US. It also marks the end of my manager who is on a one week visit trip here. Although it was a short one week trip, but i have grew to really like him a lot. He has to be one of the coolest, fun and best boss around.

I got so emotional when we were shaking hands saying good bye. I really hope he will visit Singapore, I am gonna miss him a lot. It reminds me so much of my colleagues in Shanghai when I was doing internship. A goodbye could probably mean forever... But this boss, I would really love to see him again. He is definitely one of the nicest person I have met in my career... (my initial plan was to take a week off and work from my uncles places for a week from new york, so I was telling him i will update him when after one week of holiday he simply give me the serious look and say: "NO, I want you to enjoy your holiday"

Couldn't be more greatful...

Thanks Boss!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cool Stuffs

What is the coolest or craziest stuffs you can imagine doing with your boss? (well, apart from he is cute and sleeping with him which is a totally different story, TOTALLY different nature of story)

I am sure something like this can be ranked among Top 3...

Crazy right!?! but really cool too =p

It was like we are walking by this shop and our boss stopped and look and they probably thought we would be interested. But then after chit-chatting with the owner and it actually suggested we could all be in it... our bosses were like looking at us and then I was totally amused by the idea and say " yea, it would be fun to do it together!" and they are like " yea, why not?"

So yeeeeeee ha!

This is the one where they have to look at each other but burst into laughter the next moment.. And i think cowboys are really for the western.. we look so out of place.. chinese cowboys =p

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Team Bonding Trip - Chilly & Warm

Our Managers' Manager has suggested that they take us out a trip to Williamsberg somewhere an hour drive from Richmond. But since the beach - Virginia Beach is just about an hour more, our managers decided we can go there as well. And that's Atlantic Ocean beach!

Trip was really pleasant. For a start, my manager was driving his car. And it is a GMC (I had no idea what it was but according to my teamates, it is something really good) and it was much more comfy than any thing I have travelled on. Surprising it even beats te so call VIP coaches (24-seaters)

and then, we passed thru an underwater tunnel and after that the atlantic ocean!

And of course typical things u get at the beach Sun, Sea, Sand, and Super-lengzai

But to be frank, the feeling was really good. And the water is like freezing, atlantic ocean water... cool =p

Then, this is my boss...

In my title I labeled Chilly and Warm. Chilly for the wind and september weather at the beach, warm, for the way we are welcomed by the managers. They spend one whole day with us, drove us around, and really makes us feels like buddy all the way. In fact, to some points it is as though we are the kids. We even did something rather silly together. I havent got the photos yet but shud be able to post in a day or two. That's really something that shows "team-bonding"... =p

Then, the place we were suppose to go. Williamsberg - a colonial town in US. They turn this own fashion town into a tourist spot and it is really interesting cause those are "real" houses. and the place is like HUGE again.. (i think the word applies everywhere, ice scream, steaks, the guys.. and i mean physically as a whole!)

All in all, it was really a fun trip. we truly mingle around with our managers and laugh and have fun... Not like they are gonna see this but i would very much like to say.. " Thanks boss, we really feel "welcome" here... "


William, now this is cam whoring..

-Aunt Sarah's pancake place..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Legendary... Outlet Mall!!!

This was a totally unplanned trip. But we have the whole afternoon so we thought of acclimatizing to the local roads and we decided to practice on heading to the outlet mall...

So, here it is... they r actually rows of shops like boutique, but they carry names like, nike, addidas, puma, aldo (i am robbing the shop next time), Levis (many at 24.99/piece) , Oakley (i see my first oakley shade coming from here.. i can feel it..) Gap, CK, Coach, Burberry...

And wats so special, well, for example, CK storewide at 40% off..

(and many more up to 70 or extra off on sales item etc etc..)

can anyone not go crazy on this place?


On a side note... i am loving my walk-in closet ^^

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From airports to airports

First stop, frankfurt, germany... just one hour... kinda cold thou.

Next stop... New York!! okay, only JFK airport, but still really close.. =p

took the sky train thru all their 8 terminals and ended at our T2, since we have like 3 hours so this is my first meal in US. Sandwhich, which cost almost like RM40.. on the company.. hehe.. wont sum tong..

Finally, after 28 hours.. here we r at Richmond! this is our little apartment (more photo to come..)

And our Ford.. ^^

Gosh, nice car, nice apartment.. except only for a month..o well, thats still really lucky =p

Time for a good sleep...

Monday, September 13, 2010

New York

In about 24 hours...

A Checklist

I was asking my bestie at work what does she think is essential and I should bring (I really dun have much idea). So she volunteer to compile a list for me... which was so sweet... and here goes (part of the list):

Power converter (Provided by "her-name")
Small pouch for passport and IDs, easier to search at custom.
Socks (in case it is cold in the flight) *no offence but guys usually have socks =p
Toothbrush, tooth paste (usually provided by SQ)
Instant noodles (for in case you wait too long and get hungry at airport)

Well, not that u can argue but some of it is indeed pretty thoughtful... but still when i first saw it i kinda laugh.. =p pardon me for being rude...

I am still packing, mroe shirts? or just shop... hmm...

Gosh, i am so hyper now.. but yet feeling a little drowsy... Start packing..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A smile, a hug

Sometimes feelings can convey even more than words. There doesn't seem to be grudge or hate or any unpleasant feeling. But rather, a hug, a peck on the cheek, and somehow it seems that both know very well where things are going and have an open heart for it...

Very little speech, but there seems to be a lot of understanding. Maybe that's when ur heart is telling you the true feeling...

O well, back to square one... Usually it feels heavy, but maybe this time round something to distract me... but there is indeed a time I felt that I wont be alone anymore, jsut the feeling lasted too short a time... I truly wish it hadn't, and i had really tried, i really did...


... day after day, I am still right here waiting...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When suddenly 2 person stop speaking, but seemingly both knew pretty much what's the underlying reason, should they keep on silent, and let it just rest or should they speak it out...?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A long wait, Finally!

This is something that I have been keeping from my family (okay, beside the part of being gay). It is something that I keep worrying and dare not put too much enthusiasm to avoid dissapointment... but till yesterday, i can say it is pretty much 99.9% solid...

I am going to US!!!!!

A month back, we were informed by our managers that we are the next batch of 5 going to US for training. It was really exciting of course. But knowing my own family background, I am concern that I might not be granted Visa. I dont think i should go into detail but the idea is there are history of my direct family members overstaying and still there...

So all these while it has been worries about what to declare, to be honest or to bluff, whether they will judge by individual cases... but phew... at last, till yesterday I got my passport back and the VISA is there indeed!!! WOO HOO!!!!

The other is my company AMEX, and our flight itinerary... everything seems to be in place, the only bad thing that can happen is I got rejected at the custom. But at least i get to fly there first on a direct to new york flight =p

Gosh... this is really exciting, finally i get to fly so far, out of Asia for the first time and to US. And the first city i am stepping foot on is New York!!

But the best part... I will get to see someone whom I havent seen for more than 10 years... finally... ^^

Packing packing... now i really dunno where to start... hmm... oh well, they say you can buy anything in US.. =p

Monday, September 6, 2010

Foodie Evening

I know I just wrote about not overspending, but this was like before that incident.. (and i will make it a resolution to revisit food court... =p )

Anyway, my bestie and I are suppose to be checking out cameras for his hong kong trip. But since the PC fair was really crowded, we decided to go for dinner first. And this is it...

Tony Roma's

They claim to be the best ribs in US. I have tried this, and look at this, it is suppose to be 'half' loaf of onions... =s

But it was really good, my friend who tried it for the first time really loves it...

Next of course the main course, ribs, and indeed, it is one of the best in town...

And not to mention, their mash potatoe is also a must try!! bacon chips and spring onion... mmmm yummy!!!

For those who are visiting sg, another tips on where to dine ;)


There is a malay duet version, called "Melodi" ... A love like a melody, the thought of someone special swirling like a beautiful melody in your mind until you become deeply attracted to it...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Compassion - I almost cried

This is again another "Night at McD"

Another nite with hot drink, some snacks and my Millenium series. Basically the highlight is the apple crumble pie... by highlight I mean I kinda feel like it taste a lot like apple pie.. but it cost like 3.5 times of it.. =s

But it was because of this McD nite out that I see something that kinda makes me feel a little guilty and uneasy... (and i dun mean the supper)


When I was buying another 6 piece nugget, there was this old lady who was limping a little and walking towards the counter. She couldn't speak english but obviously she is a regular cause another chinese waitress knew what she wanted. But the auntie made a little changes, instead of the usual 2 Mc Chicken, she ask for chicken (McChicken) and fish (fillet-o-fish) burger and she took 4 dollar out from a plastic bag of coins. (Well I guess for u guys who eat that, u know the only burger that is 2 dollar is double cheese and Mc Chicken)

The waitress who is at the counter is not chinese, she was obviously irritated and speak impatiently to the auntie as if she is trying to cheat money ( at this point I was really pissed again, for god sake, it is so obvious the auntie is illiterate and didn't mean it!!!) yet ppl cant show a bit more patient with the elderly... its really sad.. so i try to help her out.

But it really wasn't the bad attitude and lack of compassion that upset me, I mean it is not like I havent see enough of what ppl respect and have patient for here, (the rich and power, plus caucasians, and not the needies..). But it was really the scene that the old lady was counting coins, and using just a plastic bag (how many people wouldn't even use something that doesn't carry the 2 letters L and V). It makes me feel bad how I have been spending lately with my extra allowance. I mean i used to spend like 1.50, 1.80 for a meal every day, controlling my budget between 3 to 4 dollar a day and I really understand how hard it is. But as times goes, when I can afford more, i seem to forget about spending reasonably. I did get a little too easy with myself lately... sigh... I feel really bad when I see how there are ppl who are struggling with money while I spend like no body's business... (okay not to that extend but still.. I feel bad..)

And also, i kinda realize that how poverty and the rich are separated in Singapore, you hardly even see these ppl in the cities, like orchard, city hall. It is like you go around, you see ppl living happily and can afford all the luxury goods. It only makes you feel that Singapore ppl are really well being and no one is suffering. Well, but not the case. It is just they somehow seems to be separated in a totally different place and active hour... And a lot of kids here seriously dont know how lucky they are... being so well brought up, yet still not contented with what they have...

I am lucky, in many ways, maybe not in certain areas but all in all, I guess I am really lucky... Till now, I still feel bad for what I have seen... And people here should have more compassion for others, there are lives where we havent seen before, the beautiful nice world we see, is not the real world we live in... there are a lot more and they deserve, if not our help, at least a little bit of respect and compassion. At least learn to speak with a little patience... =(

*** In case you might argue that at least she can afford to eat McD, hey, it is 3am in the morning and there is no other restaurant within walking distance. And she obviously work those abnormal hours... And it might not even be for herself... =(

Fate is funny, sometimes..

It kinda makes me think... this is really fate playing some kind of game. It all started yesterday...

I headed to town for dinner with my couple friends, because of the MRT route maintenance, they close down a critical path (for me) to town. So my alternative ways are,

1. Take train 1 stop, then change to free shuttle to commute to the next stop due to this broken link and continue there (which will take at least 20 minutes cause I try it in the morning like 6am when i headed home and not many people are in the train, so now is like 6pm, and MANY ppl heading to town.. Not to mention u have to go up and down of the station and walk a small distant to wait for bus).

2. Take a longer train route to town which will take like 1 hour but i can sit comfortably as my station is like the 2nd stop. (Apart from the time factor, another reason I dislike this route is it passes by my ex's place which at once was really a painful feeling to even see his place)

So when I really passed by, I did indeed think hmm... will he be boarding train too? but o well, there wont be so much coincident... and yea just as i thought that, an hour later, I actually bump into him at the dinner place.. I mean, if I have chosen a different route, I will arrive at a different time, or if I have decided to eat else where, we wouldn't be heading there.. etc etc.. its like if u think about it, many things lead to 1 thing, or vice versa, that's the funny thing about fate..

Well, if it stops there, I probably wont be writing this, so after dinner, clubbing, clashing at my friends place. The next day was again, lunch, shopping, with my bestie. Then I took him to this place call Popeye Chicken at the Flyer. (on a side note, I think I saw one at the garden, and u shud try it, at least it triumphs over KFC here...) The first time I got to know of this place is because my ex brought me here. Although subsequently I had it again, it was at another branch and then now when I am here again, i actually bump into my ex. And it wasn't any casual dinner, it was their trip to the flyer. (not something u do every day right?)

Okay, 2 times in 2 days, and of all the places, my second visit to this restaurant and he is there too.. well.. i guess u can call it coincident, or make it more mysterious, it seems fate is playing a little joke... But I just think it is a really interesting and funny thing to add to my weekend...

Fate... can i ask for something sweeter please? I promise I will truly, sincerely, and really appreciate it... I know I can...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharing A Dream

Lately i am getting the kind of feeling where i feel i have something, yet i am loosing it.. again.. uncertainty...

Someone who share your dream, appreciate what you do, understand why you r who you r... and the same from you to him... just a condition, yet how much fate it takes to really find this special person...

Or am i asking too much??

Happy weekend everyone...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cute things coming!

This is soooooo cute!!!

Okay, not guys but... they r adorable and nice design isnt it? and ths size is only like this big..

I am feeling tempted... gosh this little beauty cost like 228 sgd... for a basic model...

But it looks really cute.. and it adopts the previous generation iPod shuffle design which is like my favourite... Arent they really cute?

iPod shuffle goes back to clip design with the wheel, which just show last year design was a mistake.. check out the store for more! ^^

You are a b*tch

I was standing beside a almost 6 foot and 150 pound lady with her bf who looks like could be 180 pound. There was this conversation going on...

L: "I was talking to the staff there, they are all from China.."

G: "mm.."

L: "Then I was asking them can you speak english?"

G: "okay, so what did they say?"

L: "They say they can speak a little bit, then I tell them 'No, that is NOT english' .. " (She even make a smug /annoying look)

G: " haha.. " (obviously just playing along with whatever pleases the girl)

L: "Then she even try to argue back, say they can speak simple english, but I tell her straight on the face back, 'No, you don't speak english, that is not english' and she keep quiet" (smiling proudly, at this point I was already holding my hand with my other hand to avoid slapping her accidentally)

What's wrong with people here... why do they have to look down at the other Asian who can't speak english? It is not their native language afterall... You dun see them discriminating Japanese, Korean or French, Italian all those non-enlgish speaking European countries people who can speak proper English.. but they just like to pick on the Asians... The tone she say it and her bloody smug expression really annoys me.. and i dun have a choice cause the train is like so cramp...

And lastly there was even this part,

L " You know, they thought I was Korean " *giggling (I almost puke when she giggle like that)

G " Haha, really... I guess u look... " ( I gave up following what the guy says, definitely some puking material too)

Whoever said that, they probably watched a viking movie and thought that's Korean movie...