Friday, October 15, 2010

Last nite in Richmond...

The first time I heard of the name "Richmond" it was actually a name of a friend, well almost a family, i thought. Its like things are fated? I am now in Richmond. Haa...

Like every trip, there is a start, there will be and end. 1 month, it sounds like a long time but i damn sure i am not bored of this place yet, it is a very historical place, being one of the earliest establishment when the british first came. In fact, Pocahontas used to live somewhere not too far from here,

Yup, i mean this Pocahontas, and I am serious!

There are many country sides too, between virginia and west virginia (will add photos soon) ever heard of the song, "country road take me home, to the place I belong, west virginia..." that's just like next door.. and the Blue Ridge Mountain and Shenandoah river... Williamsberg colonial town (and the outlet mall!) Virginia Beach... And DC! To start off my US trip with these are kinda special too, but then again, being in the states, it doesn't feel complete without seeing some real cities, so New York, here I come!!!


Some random foodie pics... for your drooling pleasure =p

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

公平 - 不公平?

I used to say it is never fair in a relationship. Came across a music clip today and suddenly i realize gay relationship is actually more "fair" than any kind of relationship...

In what way?

How often have we seen couples that are not "compatible" ? At least I feel like mostly are seeking someone who is in a way or other compare-able to oneself. Be it looks, career, achievement etc etc.. You hardly see a story of cinderella where a guy gives unconditionally to a woman he loves. (But for the record, even cinderella is depicted as a pretty lady, just not so noticeable before the make up and slightly covered in dust..)

Still, in a straight relationship, I guess the male is still the dominant figure and typically would be willing or expected to give more. Being gay though, what is my bargaining power? What have I got?

Is that fair? or Unfair?


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Special 10.10.10

It is probably passed this day in Singapore, but I still have about 1 hour.

Special day n special dates, we used it to remind us that something important happens sometimes back. It is not uncommon to see couple asking one another, "Do you remember what date is today?"

Type A: "Of course dear, how could I forget.." (follow by mushy-lovey stuffs..)

Type B: "Erm... is it our anniversary? " (lucky guess, but if it is birthday then u deserve a slap)

Type C: "Huh? Holiday ah?" (.. someone's face will be turning black likely...)

I have many calender events in my phone, mainly to remind me of birthdays of my friends, so it wont be so rude to "forget". But to be honest, most of it really doesn't make it to my mind. Some dates though, will always be there, deeply in my mind, not that i want to remember it, but somehow, it just never go away... some humour huh...

(people always say the original singer looks like me... hmm.. =p)

I guess if something is meaningful to a person, you dun need to ask the question "do u remember" it will definitely be in his mind.. but if it is not, just let it rest, he obviously dun care..


Happy Birthday... U have a special bday, all the more this year... Guess that makes u so different. All da best..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A nite advenutre

US is huge, needless to say, we were driving forthe first time late nite out on the inter-state or highway.. kinda scary but we reach safely..

phew... but we were so absorb with the georgetown in dc that we totally forgot bout time.. wish i will be rich enuf to live there.. will add pics later..


will be posting more pics on fb cause the convenience.. kindly add me or exchange ur fb here.. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


天真 (Tian Zhen) - Naive

How many of us started hoping for a prince that will love us, cuddle us, solve all of our problem, take good care of us, make us smile, be the superman in our lives. But after countless heart breaks, being cheated, listening to endless lies, facing the reality of shallowness and superficiality, that we start to learn that maybe a sincere heart is more valuable than anything that can be physically given to us.

Finally we love in pain, we cry till our tears stop flowing, we stop dreaming, and we bury our naiveness... And we learn that a true love, is not about getting something from someone, but rather, a feeling of giving.. to the someone that is special...

This is the first time I heard this song, in fact I didn't even bother to search for the original singer, because i was really addicted to this version by this little girl who is only 11 year old. For those who understand mandarin, I am sure you would appreciate the lyrics, i am totally in love with this song.. and the tone of the little girl...

For those who doesn't understand mandarin, do enjoy the singing, it is not bad seriously.. =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Washington DC - All about walking

One thing that is really unique about DC, is the ease see the place you want to go. The main sites, namely the Capitol, the Jefferson Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, the Monument are actually in a straight line view from one another. And there are NO building blocking one from another... For instance, we didn't have much trouble spotting the Monument and heading toward it...

This is taken from a Garden along the way,

Another nice thing is you see lots of pond, or pools that gives u really beautiful reflections of the Buildings, nice?

A must do shot =p

And again along the way there is also these police patroling on horses!!

Then after another 15 minutes...

And then we continue climbing up the slope, and almost another 10mins...

This is simply Asian mentality, we walked so far, we must touch it!!!! =p

The whole walk took us like god knows how long, the good thing though, there is nice weather and really chilly, and again, the crowd on that protest day makes the street really fun and happening... so not so bad..


Crappy internet connection, else i could have posted more at one shot...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Washington DC - Freedom of Speech

I have spent the weekend visiting Washington DC. Lots of photo snapping on the memorials, monuments etc etc... But one of the really interesting encounters was we were there on a day where there is some huge protest going on, and I mean HUGE... practically all sorts of protest is there, anti-war, job, educations, racists...

And of course, human rights, and gay are human too right?

It's just so cool... i almost wanted to take a photo with these guys if my colleagues werent there and keep walking around trying to hunt down for Obama..

And some really interesting costume, they should win best dress award, for the effort..

Well, first day in DC and this is what I see, America, a country which truly honor the freedom of speech, and as my boss say, the government work for the people, of course u can condemn them.. =p cool huh!


And as the saying goes, When in Rome, do as the Romans do...

Friday, October 1, 2010


This is the third song i was thinking of posting.. 假裝 (jia zhuang) which says Pretence.

Another of those song that touches ur feeling with words that feel so true in every relationship. How many couples can be totally frank to the others? Probably some, but in a lot of cases, I guess either we are too concern and care for their feeling, we rather just pretend and hide our true feeling.. or we never dare to bring it out because of the fear of loosing the other.

Even at the point of breaking, we sometimes still keep telling ourselves that things are not over, we could still mend things up, despite all our friends around us tell us to give up. We still blindly believe there is still hope.

And finally after words has been say, there is no going back... we still have to pretend we are moving on... when inside us we know very well that whenever are alone, our tear still fall, when all the moments that were shared came flowing back... Sometimes, when i look at him, it is not hard to remember the very shoulder that you once hug so fondly, yet now, all you can is watch from far, put on a smile, and pretend you are cool about it...

Maybe a true love, is when there is no pretence at all...