Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Trip?

One of the motivation to last through exam is the freedom after. Hence, when a friend suggested a trip to Malacca to see our friend who happens to be celebrating his birthday on the same Friday it didn't take much convincing to make the decision.

Except, it wasn't exactly as rosy as how one or at least I would imagine a trip to be.

For a start, I decided to leave office earlier at 5pm to head to checkpoint knowing there will be a jam to Johor Bahru.

And here, at 6pm, a 45 minutes queue before I could board the bus from train station to custom checkpoint.

Follow by another hour of queue at the Singapore checkpoint before I manage to board a bus to Malaysia side.

And finally when I reached Johor at 8pm, met my friend and took a 3 hour ride to Malacca, first stop was the hospital....

Turns out our friend have to send his friend to the hospital due to some emergency. And since we are staying at our friends' place, and the whole idea was to spend time with him, we end up spending all night until 4am. With only about an hour break in between where we when for supper at a mamak stall. 

*Our selfie session in the hospital*

The next day didn't get any better with our host having an ad hoc business meeting and left me and my friend sleeping till noon follow by a western lunch (i.e. no chicken rice ball) and a trip to the Road Traffic Department to renew my driving licence (!?)

Yes.. not sure why but that did happen.

So lastly we meet up with our host friend for a late lunch/tea session at Old Town and then I am on bus back to SG.. Which concludes my Malacca trip.

To Summarize:
-no Chicken Rice ball
-no Chendol with Gula Melaka
-no Laksa/Curry
-no Crepe cake
-no A Famosa photo taking

But, we did have hours of catch up and good laughter. That kinda makes it worth it.

Our Western lunch at Wok and Pan. The Cordon Bleu chicken recommended is actually very nice. Pan fried instead of deep fried, less oily though it will hardly find its place in list of healthy food.  


  1. what a nightmare doing border crossing

    1. Yup yup, especially during off work hours. Never ever gonna do that again, we'll, At least not on a hot weather day.