Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty in the Eye of Beholder - but this?

Firstly, I am actually a gadget geek. I know pretty much all the new flagship smartphone and the not so flagship ones. And recent Google event caught my attention with the wearables.

Apparently wearable device is believed (at least Google's camp does so) to be the next big thing after the advent of smartphone.

When Google's first announcement of their wearable device and came out with Moto 360, I have to admit I was WOW-ed by it. I would have swipe my card immediately without doubt for one (even till today I would). This design is revolutionary! 

Then we have LG coming in second with their LG G Watch, which honestly doesn't look too bad actually. If there isn't Moto 360 I would definitely consider this.

In the most recent Google Event, Samsung joined the team too, being one of the manufacturers of Google new platform Android Wear.

Previously Samsung had several attempts though honestly none came close to Moto360 or even LG. It just convey idea of "cheap plastic" - something you can get for 5 bucks in Bugis Street.

You would think given Moto 360 and LG G Watch were announced close to half a year ahead, even if Samsung is cutting cost on design team, they could at least copy those design instead of "inheriting" 

But this, this is what they plan to sell: 

I always thought Samsung is bold with experimentation, Samsung Note series is a huge success. Even the most recent Samsung Galaxy K zoom, the design improved significantly from last year, in fact, that's actually my next wishlist. 

But this watch is just.. just.. cheap plastic (again). It doesn't feel like something that demand the price tag of USD 200. Not to even mention a product that comes from SAMSUNG, not like they are some poor, money losing company. What's wrong with hiring a designer? (I know Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder, but ss there really someone who thinks this look better than Moto 360?)

This, on the other hand, is really to die for. I would definitely get one.. Sell it soon please!!!

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