Thursday, July 3, 2014

Imperfection of Perfect

The last time I blogged frequently, it was still MSN era. Today we have smartphones and Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat (straight friend told me this is the Grindr equivalent). Which also means more group chat (crap?) even on the go.

So, one of these sessions in our Whatsapp group chat:

A: *share his friend's pic*
B: John is becoming hotter

A: Sam must be so happy ^^

C: I thought it would be the other way round. Usually when a guy becomes hot, either 1: the BF pales in comparison and sooner or later becomes not good enough or 2: even if the BF is hot, it still increases the odd of cheating when a guy is hot.

B: That's life of P..

A: *stare* you know who is Sam meh..

C: Obviously the bf..

A: *stare*

C: So if your bf who have been with you for more than 5 years suddenly says he wanted to go gym, you should be alert. If no results can be seen that's fine, but if shape is starting to form, it maybe in the best interest of the relationship to break his leg so he cant gym anymore

A: *stare*


Okay, the names are obviously not real, and neither is the pic, but just to add something to the otherwise wordy blog (this is low.. =[ ). 

I sounded really jaded there making such statement, is that why I am still single!? And another sad thing is, none of the 6 persons in the group chat actually challenge that statement, feels like everyone is agreeing? (or we are just a very sour jaded group as a whole.. =| )

Though I do really find imperfect guys to be more comfortable as BF material, afterall he wont have expectation on you to be <5 admit="" am="" body="" div="" etc.="" fat="" i="" just="" lazy="" nbsp="" ok="" that.="">