Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Better left in the Dark

We know sometimes between a couple that certain things are better left unknown. Cause the chances are it will keep bothering the other person n one day it might just trigger off something unwanted for something that has past n definitely will not or at least unlikely going to happen again in some cases. We all know these kind of stories.

I dont really mean to discuss on that. Everyone has a set of value to themselves and view on such so called "grey lies". I didnt call it white as the intention cant be said as totally innocent and 'protecting' the other. So hence, grey. or Not so white.

I am just merely doing a comparison of how the brain function, between knowing and not. Since monday, whenever i wake up qith my back feeling uncomfortable. It no longer translate to, must be the bed, i didnt sleep well yeterday night or did i over exercise this morning.. Rather, " so thats why i always felt that these whole year.." n then sily thoughts starts spinning again and my mind go through the virtual operation and all the possibe out comes from it. Pretty drama and ur brain actually works real fast, like a zillion thoughts in one second... Now a small backache just dont feel the same anymore.. In fact i find myself keep touching the back, as if i will feel a bone sticking out any minute.. Haa.. getting paranoid..

The only lucky thing is from the front it is totally not obvious. Even when i am topless, it doesnt look like my entire frame is skewed. Lucky in the sense can still kao zai.. But in a way, thats prob why it didnt draw much attention all these years, even from myself. Cause i cant see myself from the back.. Shucks, now i wish i had a bf whom during intimacy would ask, "baby, how come ur back looks weird, u sure u dun need a doc?" Then i say, "Oo, okay lo.. i go see tmr.." and smile sweetly back.. (the obey-bf feature turned on)

I shud hav started seeing guys since 15.... O well..


  1. Your readers can help. You'll just have to start posting more topless pics. As for pictures of your back, I'm sure your housemate will lend a hand. ;)

  2. I think bf can be of help in that dept but most of them are toxic in many other considered oneself spared should be the thought

  3. Didn't I mention to you about your back before? But I haven't seen you topless from the front though :P

  4. oh cmon , cant u stop being superficial , love first

  5. kinda missing the other kidz in the blog..... T^T